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New Server Installation - No Web?

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New Server - Win Srv 2012 R2

SQL Server 2016

Installation as per instructions.

Seemed to go through without any errors. 

Just no web service. Nothing in IIS.. Nothing.. 

Turned off Firewall, just to test...

No idea where/what to check.. Any ideas?


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Hi @Aspect,

Out of curiosity did you figure it out what happened with the installation? You've mentioned in a separate post that it didn't configure the IIS server.


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Yeah.. The initial installation, while it said it had succeeded, had installed all the relevant services, for example, IIS etc etc, but didn't install the web service and app pools. Reinstalling PW again completed the installation ok.. I think the Requirements for the on premise server needs to say that IIS needs to be installed already, AND the default website removed..

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