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Martin Stevnhoved

Improvement of Zendesk integration

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We are using the Zendesk-integration, and have some ideas that would improve the integration.

1. Notify that ticket creation fails. If password is changed or any other things result in Zendesk ticket not being created, we miss it.

2. Save ticket id on notification. It would be nothing more than fantastic if the notification list in Pulseway would visually show that a ticket was created. If it were possible to se the ticket number, you could also link directly to the Zendesk web app. Did I mention that this would be amazing?!!!

3. Global Zendesk settings. Today we set up Zendesk account for every server og group. I would be nice if the Zendesk account were a global setting, and that we could just define requester email-address (and notification levels pr. server/group). It would make it a lot easier to update the account settings, and setup new servers or groups.

4. On demand ticket creation. Today all notification that match the level filter are created as ticket. It would be nice if the settings could differentiate between "automatic" and "manually". Automatic would be the current way, and manually would allow to select "Create ticket" on the notifications in apps and dashboard. 

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Hi Martin,

Sorry for the delay. We plan on migrating the integration on the server side so #1,#2 and #3 will become possible. For #4 I'm not entirely sure how this would be helpful. Can you write a use case for #4?


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#4 is for sanity check. We have came to a volume, where we would like to have a dispacher monitoring the notification list. It would be nice to have him decide when to raise a ticket.

One example is that when we do windows update patching we have 100+ notifications that we don't want to be created as zendesk tickets. The servers are in maintenace mode durring the update, but in the hour after there is an increased cpu, memory and disk activity that creates a lot of obsolete notifications.

Br, Martin.

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12 minutes ago, jrtaylor3 said:

We are looking at Zendesk also, have these integration features happened?

I'm afraid that they didn't get implemented yet.


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What is the status @Paul

We could really really need the option to cheate ad-hoc tickets from apps or the dashboard.
We have a few times tried to enable Zendesk tickets, but we get floaded with ghost-notifications.
We need to have notifications validated by human before we create the ticket.

A simple comment-field on notifications, that has been implemented in dashboard and api, would be a convenient place to save the related ticket-number.

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Hey Martin,

Just to confirm, you want to be able to comment on notifications and have those comments available on the mobile apps, webapp and dashboard app?


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I want to create Zendesk tickets from notifications, from the notification list in your apps or the dashboard.
And when a ticket is created I would like the ticket number to be saved on the notification.

Ad-hoc creation of Zendesk tickets is not supported by you, so I might have to code our own notification list view from your API.
Bu I cannot find any place to write the ticket number, so unfortunately I would have to provide our ovn SQL table containing relation between Notification ID and Zendesk Tickets.

A writeable field, like comment or ticket id, on notifications would eliminate the use for a external table. Of course with API support.

But a built in function to create Zendesk-tickets from notification lists in your apps or as a minimum in the dashboard app would be the best approach.

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Hi @Martin Stevnhoved,

We already have Built in Zendesk integration. All notifications which are generated from the monitored system will be forwarded to the Zendesk. For more details about this please check out the following link.

Note: offline notifications are created by the Pulseway server, therefore this notification will not be sent to Zendesk via integration, but it can be done by forwarding email to your Zendesk.

Have you tried to enable the Support Request from your monitored systems? This will allow the end user create the notification on-demand and it will create the Zendesk ticket once the notification is sent. For more details about this, please check out this link.

Yes, that is correct that you will need to provide your own SQL table to to sync Zendesk ticket ID's and Notifications and display it in another web page. The Pulseway integration sends the ticket in your Zendesk, but we do not check what ticket number was assigned to it. Also, we currently do not support the option to update the Message in the Pulseway Notification via REST API, therefore we can not add Zendsk Tickets ID in the body for the notification at this time.


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