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FEATURE REQUEST : Managing stuff from a central location

Jeremy Otten

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Now i have to go to a local installed Maager.. do Managed devices (for Example).. and then One by One open devices.. and TYPE in a certain Group..

This is not of this time..

It should be that we only have to install an agent.. connect it to our server.. and then to the management... multiple select / group sorting... policy application etc.. centrally.. with Bulk Actions and all..

Please add this.. the product needs it.

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Hi Jeremy,

We already have this (kind of). Open the Pulseway Manager app on any monitored system and go to Manage Systems -> Manage Group Policies. From there you can setup configuration overrides. Additionally you can remotely change the configuration of windows agents from the Pulseway Dashboard app by right clicking on a system and selecting "Edit Configuration" from the context menu.

Group policy management will be moved to the webapp in the future.


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Yeah i already found that.. i would not say that is "Central Management" also I cannot do simple multi selects like:

Sort alle services on Automatic and then select all the automatic services at once instead of having to click every service.

Or something like search for some with ABC and then being able to select things all at once..

The smart 2.0 stuff.. that I miss alot..

I found that you can add tags in the app (no where else..)

But still i have to typ it in by hand.. every time.. that is very impracticle..

We should have the option do define global tags and then select them from list per device or be able to add tags to systems based on bulk action and/or search query.

Intelligent stuf.. not labour intensive.. it should make our life easier right?..

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