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  1. I've noticed when reviewing some recent high memory alerts on a few machines that the Pulseway service seems to be using significantly more memory than it use to. Wondering if this is to be expected.
  2. This the case even if you remove a machine from that group and reassign it? Have not seen that one, might have to chat with support about it.
  3. If your machines are organized into groups via the section in the web portal, Server Admin>Configuration then for each Agent Group you can specify the patch management policy at the group level. Then any machine assigned to that group will inherit that policy.
  4. It doesn't like you've still implemented the highest requested upvoted item "The ability for Pulseway to clear the notification when the condition is no longer true."
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to have your machines in different agent groups in pulseway and assign the patch policy at the group level?
  6. I continue to receive multiple offline/online notifications from pulseway on many of our machines across multiple environments (onprem and cloud) is this related to the issues you are having?
  7. What were the symptoms for us as users? I received a some offline notifications for machines that weren't offline, was that related to this?
  8. Bumping this topic as I'd also have interest in this feature.
  9. I've been experimenting with a scheduled task to restart some machines based on scope and I've had mixed success. Some machines in the scope restart as scheduled some don't. My powershell skills are limited so right now the pulseway script that I created to do restarts just has the powershell command Restart-Computer. Should there be more?
  10. We setup some SQL query based notifications on one our servers yesterday and when it fired I noticed that at the bottom of the alert it said: Note: Another notification for this filter will be sent only after this notification is deleted. I know there are other types of alerts that won't refire on their own unless they are reset (I believe disk, mem and cpu are the same). It would be nice if all these types of alerts that need to be manually reset carried this additional note at the bottom as a reminder as I don't think they currently do.
  11. This has always been my pain but for cpu and memory. Because those alerts don't reset once the resource is back below the threshold if they aren't manually cleared they won't refire. This does not make them verify useful. Hoping to get more details on how this auto clear functionality works. The examples show how to use work flow to create notifications, they don't show how to clear a notification once the threshold is below the required figure.
  12. Where did group policy management go in 6.0? I don't see it in the webapp or on the agents...
  13. as far as notification can you clarify something do you need to be an admin to get notifications or can you just have read-only user rights and get notifications on the status of a system?
  14. I have to say I'm very disappointed in this upgrade. Functionality actually missing that was in the previous version? (System level user rights, separate notifications rights) No ETA for the return of those features? Disappointing.
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