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FEATURE REQUEST : Readout ESXi Hardware/Health status

Jeremy Otten

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You tell us we can monitor everything on any device from anywhere..

But with the vmware addon you cannot even readout the hardware/health status of esx(i) which is very simple because the API is already there.. you just have to read it out.. that all..

Now we do not know if a disk has failed.. and when the second disks fails.. down goes the ESX(i) server...



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Hi Jeremy,

We don't provide ETAs for features since we strive to ship quality over quantity. Due to this fact we're unable to confirm it we're going to have hardware monitoring done by this year (maybe we will but we won't guarantee it).


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That is why you should give us a real roadmap.. with the things that you are working on for the next release and the release after that.. then we do not have to ask every single time... and if one feature doesn't make the next release because its not 100% quality yet.. then just move it to the release after that.. but keep us more informed please.. everybody gets better about that.

Also add a beta program or something so we can help you test new or improved modules..

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