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Get notification list by webservice/API.

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Is it possible to retrieve the current notification via som API/OData/Webservice. And is it posible to to delete a noticifation this way

Well, the mobile apps can do it, so I guess teh webservice exists - but is it public available?


Altso it would be cool if the notification archive of Enterprise server were availabe as OData so it could be used in PowerBI.

Br, Martin.

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Hi Martin,

Our current API (v1) doesn't support getting the list of notifications nor deleting them however we are working as we speak on the REST API v2 which will support these actions. The notification archive will not be exposed in the REST API v2, we will consider this for a future release.


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Hi Paul

It sounds great with REST API v2. I will hold my breath....

An other approach on the notification archive, could be a setting on the enterprise server, that once a day exports the entire database to a remote (Azure) SQL-server.
I have seen this on competitive programs, and it works very fine for reporting.

Br, Martin.

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