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Import Pulseway configuration from command line

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In order to import a Pulseway configuration file you need to start PCMonitorManager (Pulseway Manager) from Pulseway's installation directory with the following parameters:

PCMonitorManager.exe /config=C:\Configuration\NoPassword.pcmcfg

If the exported configuration file contains the account details then you need to provided the configuration password as well:

PCMonitorManager.exe /config=C:\Configuration\WithPassword.pcmcfg /configpassword=s3cr3tpassw0rd

Note: The PCMonitorManager will not provide any console output or custom exit codes based to indicate the success of the operation.

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I am not able to get this to work. I export the pcmcfg file via the Gui, then attempt a import. The Gui starts, and the settings aren't the same as the configuration file. My plan is to create a script via SCCM that automatically imports the saved configure as I have seen the settings disappear at random intervals. We are running the OnPrem solution and any help is appreciated.

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I have a script that dumps the config file from a central storage location to c:\temp. then runs this



"C:\Program Files\Pulseway\PCMonitorManager.exe" /config=c:\temp\Hyper-V2.pcmcfg /configpassword=(correctpassword)


this runs the program, but the settings are not imported, I reopen the console and my old settings are there, nothing changed.


I have tried manually running this from the local command prompt with administrator privileges and it still does not work.


I'm running version 4.7.6 Build 704



alternative ways of doing this?

I'm trying to load templates to 250 servers on my network and its not been going very well.

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Can you please create a configuration export with fake account information and export it with a password then PM me the configuration file and the configuration password and I will attempt to reproduce it.




Pulseway Support

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Hi all,

Can anyone provide assistance on how to push a base configuration to all workstation clients via GPO or script?  I got the GPO to perform the Pulseway agent install and able to applied the MST so it can authenticate to our assigned enterprise server.  However, all the monitor and alert settings are default.

Any help is appreciated.

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You can centrally manage the configuration of multiple systems through Pulseway Group Policies (not GPOs) which can be created from Pulseway Manager -> Manage Systems -> Manage Group Policies. A Pulseway Group Policy will override the local configuration however it will not overwrite it so if you disable a setting from the policy then the local configuration will take effect.

You can also use GPOs to push registry patches which will work however it's a lot more work to be done. To import a registry file from command line simply run: regedit UNC_PATH\export.reg. Only overwrite the values you need.

Alternatively you can have agents import their configuration from a file using the command line switches as instructed on this topic.


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Can you PM me your arguments and the configuration file? Does Pulseway Manager import the configuration file when attempting to do it from the UI? Are you invoking the PulsewayManager app with administrative rights?


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Does this still work on 6.0?

I can import the config via the UI but not via command line or during an unattended installation as I was doing with 5.x versions. Even though I was able to import a previous version configuration via the UI, I still tried exporting a configuration from a 6.0 install to make sure it wasn't a version compatibility issue.


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