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  1. When I try to edit the account for an existing hardware asset, it won't display or allow me to select any of the other active accounts in the CRM. Only my own company can be selected. If I create a new asset, it does let me select other accounts. Is this a bug?
  2. I may have lots of "In Progress" tickets open for days at a time. Just because the ticket is "In Progress" doesn't mean a timer should be running. In any event, it would much better if tickets with running timers were clearly differentiated. It would be nice to see the how much time has accumulated at a glance too.
  3. Is there anyway to see running timers on tickets? This is especially important when working multiple tickets and/or if you just have to navigate away from the ticket for some reason.
  4. I'm testing out the Pulseway PSA, and it seems that all tickets generated by RMM Notifications are assigned to my company vs. the correct client. Is this a bug or do I need to configure something for this to work as expected? I also don't see a way to associate tickets to a client in bulk.
  5. I'm seeing this error as well. I also had an OpenVPN connection established via the TunnelBlick application. As soon as I disconnected my VPN session, the errors went away. Now I'm seeing this error: com.pulseway.PulsewayHelper: *** -[NSMachPort handlePortMessage:]: dropping incoming DO message because the connection is invalid
  6. Is there any way to use a variable for the computer name field like %COMPUTERNAME%, so that all the computers don't end up with the same name after importing the settings?
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