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  1. Were any packages uploaded? Having a default list of event ID's and services that should be monitored would be great to have and would be a great addition to Pulseway.
  2. I have a script that dumps the config file from a central storage location to c:\temp. then runs this "C:\Program Files\Pulseway\PCMonitorManager.exe" /config=c:\temp\Hyper-V2.pcmcfg /configpassword=(correctpassword) this runs the program, but the settings are not imported, I reopen the console and my old settings are there, nothing changed. I have tried manually running this from the local command prompt with administrator privileges and it still does not work. I'm running version 4.7.6 Build 704 thoughts? alternative ways of doing this? I'm trying to load templates to 250 servers on my network and its not been going very well.
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