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  1. This one has self resolved. I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, a few reboots, a few more reinstallations. But one thing I think assisted was a new MSI. I was using a preconfigured agent installation for a specific Org/Site/AgentGroup. I used a different link and it worked!
  2. I use it regularly, and the command (as WYE suggested) Restart-Computer -Force How do you manage the scheduled restarts? with a scheduled task and Tags? I went through a few options to get this to work. I went with a Tag called 'Restart Tomorrow' and at 6am, any devices with that tag are captured in a task that restarts the server. The tag is removed on reboot.
  3. Looks like this issue was resolved with Workflow Automation 2.0! Thanks Dev team!!
  4. Does anyone know if there are load limits to generating workflows. We are triggering scheduled workflows every 30 minutes, for all ~80 servers. (Yes I know that is fairly small numbers compared to most of you). Has anyone had issues with workflows hitting a performance/load limit. We may want to increase the frequency of the workflow, and definitely increase the server count. Each workflow is fairly simple, updates custom fields, tags, and runs simple powershell scripts. Cheers Simon
  5. We are having issues with a single Pulseway agent and I need help troubleshooting it. We have 2 servers installed in this environment, the first Server Pulseway works without fault, however on the second server Pulseway worked briefly, however now appears to be offline in the web client. Connecting to the server and the service is running, agent is running, and registered. I can successfully unregister and reregister the agent. The trace.log file is below, it appears to run, and then close out with the following message: pcmontask invoked in session '1' exited with er
  6. Is Pulseway triggering the reboot? Windows scheduled task? Can't you set the maintenance mode as a part of the reboot script, and then remove the maintenance mode X minutes after reboot?
  7. Hi All I wanted to share my experience with workflows, in the hope that someone else can benefit, or if there is a better way to do things I am all ears! In the sales/onboarding process I noticed how amazing and powerful the automation engine was, yet restrictive it was that I wasn't able to trigger an automation workflow myself (on schedule, or other action like restart). Also the management of Tags wasn't available from tasks/scripts. I needed a way to bring those two elements together. I 'wrote' a program using Visual Studio that does nothing other than waits a period of time
  8. Does this still work? PCMonitorManager.exe does not exist in my installation. My bad ... found it. Cheers Simon
  9. I am using a script to install rclone on servers when they are onboarded. The URL for the preconfigured rclone package is defined as a Global variable. I can create the workflow, and it works as expected. however I am unable to edit the workflow and I need to delete and recreate the script component: After creation of the step it appears like this and can be saved After saving and going back into the workflow it appears like this: And trying to save: My question is: Do I put a dummy value in there and will it be ignore
  10. Thanks Paul! I think I have worked around it by modifying the script "Set Pulseway Computer Name to Hostname" to use hostname.exe command: ...... $hostname = hostname.exe $PulsewayName = $VenueName +":::" + $hostname ...... Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value $PulsewayName ..... I have some small changes to make but this is automating bringing in the customer name and hostname. We use a single agent file so it makes it MUCH easier to move them from the Server Admin screen if the name reflects the Customer (our host names are c
  11. Hi All! I am excitedly coming to the end of a trial and about to commit to deploying Pulseway, so I hope I will be a regular contributor to this group. A niggling issue I am having is we have a number of devices with HostNames greater than 15 characters. When I install the agent, and it displays in the UI it is truncating any additional letters after the (NETBIOS compliant) 15 characters. Anyone else also experiencing this issue? Any guidance on how to work around it? Cheers Simon
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