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Right now we use a wildcard certificate that covers all pulseway.com subdomains. Let's Encrypt would be an option to be considered in the future.

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Is it still not possible to offer CNAME pointing with SAN/UCC SSL Certificates?

Why not charge the users on MSP plan an extra free for this? It's not like it would cost more than $30 per year for every extra certificate. Alternatively, Let's Encrypt would be another option.

As an MSP, we wouldn't want our clients to navigate to "company.pulseway.com". 

Please add this to the next update! :)

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I have loaded my company logo to show on the web app and the settings page on the iPhone app. The Dashboard is set (Ticked) "Show custom logo if available" Do i need to upload my logo for the web app as it does not show even though it is ticked?

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