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  1. You should add workflows, then we can add that our self. Your competitor does it. But I love your PSA much more. I would add a workflow, if Engineer1 is making a ticket, assign it to Engineer1 automatically. Or you can give us an option, that it will prefill automatically to the Engineer that is making the ticket. Both works.
  2. I understand. But I still do like what I asked, what do you think? I understand what you are saying, but let us say. We did setup tasks under that project. But you and I know, if you are doing some stuff. Things can come up. You don't want to assign a new task, but you want to create a ticket and do it. Then assign it under that project. It will calculate it later on when you do the invoice. You will see all the tasks and how long each task was. Also you will see the ticket that you on the fly did and added to the project. Does it make sense?
  3. Great, thanks for clarifying with a screenshot.
  4. I would love to see a white label for the domain. Monitoring.yourwebsite.com psa.yourwebsite.com I hope this can be achieved.
  5. +1 really need this. Save topology as pdf too.
  6. Hi, we can search on the network and it will discover all devices. But can we have an option to see it in a network topology map and save it as pdf for example. It’s nice to have such feature. Or is this already done but I can’t find it?
  7. Hi all, Please check this video: https://youtu.be/h__wDKiPFIA I would like to add all our inventory in this system. Is it possible that if you place one of your inventory at a customer. You can place it under the customer? For example: I have listed "printer brother" for 100 dollar in my inventory hardware list. Customer1 needs a new printer. Engineer1 takes the "printer brother" and placed it at the customer. What should the engineer1 do now. Create a ticket and he can add the "printer brother" from the inventory in the ticket. Now we will see that the "printer brother" is not anymore in the inventory. Correct? In the finance section we can see that the "printer brother" is sold to Customer1. It automatically added the 100 dollar to the invoice, correct?
  8. Hi all, Let say that you create a project called "New server installation". When Engineer 1 is making a ticket, is it possible to insert this ticket under the project called "New server installation".
  9. Hi, I would like to know if its possible that if you make a new ticket as an engineer, it automatically prefills the Engineer that is making the ticket. For example: Engineer1 is making a new ticket. He does save the ticket. It is created under his name. If he really wants to assign it to a colleague, he will use the field to assign it.
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