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  1. that great! Can we can leave it open for an extended period of time on our desktop?
  2. Any chances you guys would consider building a desktop applet that has the look and feel of the phone app? Real quick navigation always on etc. The web portal is nice but when you are consistently on the road using the phone applet stopping and opening the desktop web portal seams clunky to me. 90% of the time I will return to the phone app (Android) to perform the usual commands. In our case we have a Rds shared apps that locks up users periodically and we quickly log in and disconnect the user. This function is painful on the web interface. Too many clicks besides the fact it is constantly disconnecting you. The web interface is great for updating and creating tickets from certain events manually and we absolutely love the feature of Autotask integration. Love the reporting Thanks for your time, Bill Sherbacoff
  3. Hey Pulseway, Any news on the ability to Self brand the agent software, control panel, Portal and any reports or alerts coming out of Pulseway? Thanks
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