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  1. after following this setup guild i am getting "-bash: /etc/init.d/pulseway: No such file or directory" looked inside that folder and did not see any pulseway scrips. is there another guild that i can follow that will be more helpful
  2. I hope I am in the right Subforum to ask this question. I recently started to use Pulseway and am impressed what I am able to do with it but I noticed one feature missing that I need. Is it possible with Pulseway to check Servers/Clients with log files for backups if they have been successful or failed? For example if there is a NAS connected to a network and someone is doing a USB Backup on it I want to check if it has failed so I will get a notification when it fails. I want to use it on Windows and Linux machines so my best guess is to use a script of somekind right?
  3. I would very much like to see some Arch Linux scripts added or at least include Arch compatibility in the existing Linux scripts. Updating my Arch systems from my phone with a single click would be pretty slick.
  4. Hi, I installed Pulseway Agent on my RPI like they said on the Website. I went to the "config.xml" and entered my Username and Password. When I now go back to the Website it just showes "No systems monitored. Download and install the agent on the systems you want to monitor." I did everything like they said on the Website. I also googled and found out you have to install some SSL stuff, so I typed the command they said on the forum (sudo apt-get install ca-certificate) and the Console just says, that the Package "CA-Certificate" could not be found. What did I do wrong?
  5. I have a Linux Server that reports as up-to-date version 5.4. Is this correct? Because I can't move it in Pulseway 6.0 to another Organization or Site. I get an error message that the agent requires an update.
  6. When installing the pulseway agent on my Debian Version 9.4 X64 proxmox VE 5.2-1 server I get the following. I have restarted the server 3 times now after each install attempt - I can't figure out where the log is located. An error occurred while starting Pulseway service. Please see log for more details. Here is the steps that I did to get started... root@Dell-R610:~# wget https://www.pulseway.com/download/pulseway_x64.deb root@Dell-R610:~# dpkg -i pulseway_x64.deb root@Dell-R610:~# pulseway-registration Would you like to register or unregister the system? [1] Register System [2] Exit Enter selection: 1 Please enter a username: ******** Please enter the password: ******* Use custom server? [y|n] n 1 organization found. Please select the organization [1] sesinet Enter selection: 1 1 site found. Please select the site [1] sesinet_site Enter selection: 1 1 agent group found. Please select the agent group [1] sesinet Enter selection: 1 Check if the config.xml exist ... Configuration file not found. Check if the config.xml.sample exist ... Create a new config.xml file based on config.xml.sample New config.xml successfully created. Update the configuration file... Config file updated successfully! Do you want to start Pulseway service? [y|n] y An error occurred while starting Pulseway service. Please see log for more details. I also tried to make the config file myself. Replacing it with the one form ( https://my.pulseway.com/main/setup/guide )
  7. I have installed Pulseway on my unraid server and it has ben working great. I can monitor everything and shutdown/restart the machine. However, wake on lan is not working at all. I have enabled it in the BIOS and in the OS. I can wake the machine using my router, but not with the Pulseway app. In the config.xml file I have WoWAN set to true and the port to 9 (also tried 50000) and it still doesn't work. Is there something I am missing? P.S. I also have a Windows machine that has WOW working perfectly. Thank you for your help.
  8. If you need to install on SLES15 or openSUSE LEAP 15 and are fighting with ssl1.0 and systemV script limitations from pulseway 5.4, I wrote a how-to over at Novell's Coolsolutions https://bit.ly/2PP1OuI
  9. Is it possible to configure thermal monitoring in Linux like it is in Windows?
  10. We would like to be able to notify on both successful and failed logins on Linux. (Specifically Ubuntu) We see that there is a property in config.xml called "UserLogsIn" and this is exactly what we want to notify on when there is a login. What I have not found is a way to notify on a failed login. Is there a way to notify for failed Logins? If not, is there a way to notify based on the text "FAILED LOGIN" being added to auth.log? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hello, Have a number of Ubuntu 16.04 workstations with agent 5.3.3 installed. The daemon starts without error (nothing logged in syslog), but doesn't appear to report back. There are 15 units at this particular site, and only one has reported back since installation. They are all running kernel 4.10.0-42. I can't find any error messages in the obvious logs (/var/log/syslog - in particular). Appreciate any direction you can offer.
  12. Aspect

    Need scripts?

    Hi. Admin, please remove if not allowed. I have a website where you can request scripts and help others by sharing scripts for everyday IT. http://FixItScripts.xyz I'm going to add a Pulseway section to it later.. Is total free.. Please check it out.
  13. Is there a way of making new notification in the WebApp. I see in the configuration file in my linux machine there is notification rules, but it will be nice if I can change them in the webapp? PS Also I have noticed that I do not have in the WebApp menu Server Admin? I have only System from I can see my 2 machines?
  14. We recently noticed a problem with our Pulseway notifications, on one of our Linux servers that is running Cassandra. The Cassandra service had been put into the following state: Active: active (excited), unfortunately we never received notification about the excited state. I did some testing and when I manually stop the service, it shows Active: inactive (dead), I do get notifications. I am at a lose as to why I get notifications when inactive (dead) but not when it is Active (excited). This is the current configuration: <Service Name="cassandra" DisplayName="cassandra" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="SYSTEMD" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" /> If I change DaemonType to any other setting: NONE, SYSVINIT, or UPSTART, the service will not be recognized at all by Pulseway. So I am fairly confident that SYSTEMD is the correct parameter here. What is the correct way to set this up, so that I get notifications when its dead and/or excited? Thank you for your help.
  15. I recently installed the latest version of Pulseway on my Ubuntu 17.04 server. The service appears to be starting, and I'm not seeing any errors. However, the machine never shows up in the Pulseway app. I feel like I'm missing something simple here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. With MS Sql 2017 bringing official Linux server support for SUSE, Ubuntu, Redhat and others we really need the sql server module ported to Linux
  17. I have a Linux server with two attached USB drives. In the monitor it has the correct paths for each respective drive. However they are both reporting the same total drive space and free drive space for just one of the drives. The other drive which is a different sized drive is not being reported correctly. This happened about the time that the one drive that is not being reported correctly had a disconnect from the Linux server. Do not know what happened but I rebooted the server and it found the drive no problem. No issues with paths changing or anything. But now the monitor has the wrong drive vitals. Update: I have disconnected the drive physically, and then reconnected it. Also stopped and started the pulseway service while disconnected, then after reconnect. And the same thing happened. The drive reports the wrong size. But, when I disconnected the drive that is reporting correctly (stopping and starting pulseway services) the drive that mis-reports moved up in the list, and is now reporting the wrong size from the internal drive (a 32GB SD card as this is an Odroid-XU4). Still has the right path (/dev/sda1 and /mnt/usb_1) but reports the (/boot) path of 71MB.
  18. I have a Ubuntu Linux machine that I have setup to monitor a number of network resources. One of the things I want to do is pick a few locations across VPN's to look for any latency issues. When I setup my config.xml with multiple servers, I only seem to look at the first server. Here is an example (IP's changed to protect the innocent): <!--Network--> <Network> <!--Ping - Server: server IP address or hostname--> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> When I do this it appears that the ping time is the same as I know that and are a longer ping time. So I turned off and like this: <!--Network--> <Network> <!--Ping - Server: server IP address or hostname--> <Ping Server="" Enabled="false"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="false"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> If I do this I loose my Ping in my pulseway dashboard. So I remove the first two lines and leave the following: <!--Network--> <Network> <!--Ping - Server: server IP address or hostname--> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> <Ping Server="" Enabled="true"/> Now I see the longer ping time of Thus it appears that Pulseway only looks at the first ping statement. Is this connect? Does Pulseway only support one Ping? If not, I may have found a bug. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. # rpm -i pulseway_x64.rpm error: Failed dependencies: rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.6-1 is needed by pulseway-5.1.2-1.x86_64 # uname -m i686 # cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 5.11 (Final) please advice asap ...
  20. I have two drives connected to a single Odroid-XU4 server running a linux OS. In the monitor I would like to name these drives so that I can quickly know which is which.
  21. Hi, It would be great having full access to a linux machine (where promox is installed), the same way windows machines have remote management. Maybe you can offer a temporary connection with user, password and port, in order to connect through ssh using that machine as a tunnel. The web terminal is a good thing, but it is limited and it can't run programs like nano or vim. Thanks. Great service guys. I really love pulseway
  22. Hi I run Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi and have this successfully being monitored by Pulseway. I am now also using the BA-Bridge software which runs as a java process. Can anyone tell me how to configure Pulseway to monitor this and be able to re-start it if it should fail? The process is started by having /etc/rc.local call a script that does this: nohup java -jar -Dserver.port=8090 -Dconfig.file=/home/pi/habridge/habridge.config /home/pi/habridge/ha-bridge-3.5.1.jar > /home/pi/habridge/habridge-log.txt 2>&1 & Thanks
  23. Hi guys, I have a linux server with Openfire Installed. Recently we have a problem where the Openfire service stops and has to be restarted. I am trying to configure pulseway on this server to monitor the service. At this point, the server shows up on my Pulseway Dashboard. However, when the openfire service is stopped, i do not get any notification. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a copy of my current configuration. <!--Monitored Services--> <MonitoredServices> <!--Service - Name: "openfire" - DisplayName: "OpenFire" - IsDaemon: "true" - DaemonType: "SYSVINIT" - Path: "" - StartParameters: "" - CanBeStopped: "true" - Enabled: "true" --> <Service Name="cups" <Notifications> <!--Send a notification when the computer is offline--> <WhenOffline Enabled="true"/> <!--Send a notification when the computer is online--> <OnOnline Priority="2" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when the computer is shutting down--> <OnShutdown Priority="0" Enabled="true"/> <!--Send a notification when a user logs in--> <UserLogsIn Priority="2" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when a user logs out--> <UserLogsOut Priority="3" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when the available memory is below a certain percentage (between 10 and 90)--> <MemoryLow Priority="1" Percentage="10" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when the CPU usage is above a certain percentage (between 10 and 90) for a number of minutes (between 1 and 120)--> <HighCpuUsage Priority="1" Percentage="90" Minutes="5" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when the CPU usage is below a certain percentage (between 10 and 90) for a number of minutes (between 1 and 120)--> <LowCpuUsage Priority="2" Percentage="10" Minutes="5" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when a port is closed for a number of minutes (between 1 and 120)--> <PortClosed Priority="1" Minutes="1" Enabled="false"/> <!--Send a notification when a service has stopped for a number of minutes (between 1 and 120)--> <ServiceStopped Priority="1" Minutes="1" Enabled="true"/> <!--HDD Free Space - send a notification when a HDD free space is low
  24. KenL

    Red Hat 5.11

    I have a couple of Red Hat servers that are still on 5.11. Is there any way to get a pulseway rpm that will work on this version?
  25. My Kamailio has gone down twice in the last two weeks and i have not been getting notifications through Pulseway. Above is the Kamailio service in a running state and below is my configuration set up, for that service to be monitored. Any guidance in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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