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  1. Automation script visibility

    I have created a number of Automation scripts that I would now like to share with other Pulseway users of our Enterprise installation. How is this best done?
  2. Too many concurrent connections

    Hello, I've had a couple of occurrences lately of a remote desktop limit violation, with the error message "There are too many concurrent remote desktop sessions for this server.". While the message is obvious, as far as I'm concerned we shouldn't be near the 5 session limit we are licensed for. Is there a way to establish what connections are open and by whom? Kind regards
  3. The agent failed to start rd session

    Found the cause of my problem. The Pulseway server was presented to the Internet via Windows Application Proxy, hence the public IP address of each host was that of the WAP server.
  4. The agent failed to start rd session

    Do you mean a 32 Bit version of Pulseway Agent, or the OSE? I have checked two of the systems that fail to connect (Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7) and both OSE are 64 bit. I've just noticed that I am unable to connect to any host that is on an external network to our Enterprise Server. (I'm definitely trying to Remote Desktop, not Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection)
  5. Exception trying to validate account

    Is there any documentation, or can you summarise the update procedure for the server and clients. In my example above, will the server automatically updates, and when it does, it updates the clients. What is the schedule for the clients to be updated? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I first noticed this problem after performing a new install of agent 4.8.3 on an SBS 2011 server. I thought it was related to just this Server (which has been rebooted since install and the firewall is disabled), but found that this error occurs with a number of Windows 7 hosts as well. I can't immediately establish the reason why some hosts connect and others don't. I've not encountered this error before so am unsure where to start with troubleshooting. Appreciate any assistance.
  7. Hello, When trying to install the Pulseway manager 4.8.2 today on a number of PC's and received the following error: The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message. .... (see attached screen shot for reset of the message). I'm new to Pulseway, having just installed an Enterprise Server instance (version 4.8) so am unsure whether this is a bug, or a deployment or newbie issue. I only just noticed that the agent version on your website is 4.8.2 and I'm assuming that our server is 4.8, given that I can still install the 4.8 agent without error. So with this error occurring using 4.8.2, do I need to upgrade the server, or is this minor version incompatibility a bug?
  8. Old Systems (Flash) timeout

    Found it on the settings of the Flash page itself.
  9. Old Systems (Flash) timeout

    Hello, The Old Systems (Flash) webpage times out after 15 minutes of inactivity. Is there any way to change this value please? Many thanks
  10. Error attempting to start remote desktop session

    The proxy was set to basic authentication. The Win 7 machine (behind the proxy) has the Pulseway Agent installed and everything runs correctly, so would this indicate to you that it can correctly communicate through the proxy? The Win 10 machine (direct connect to Internet) can RDS to the Windows 7 machine. It's just the Win 7 machine that cannot initiate a connection out. The error I receive is quite vague. Is there a log file somewhere? I appreciate your help.
  11. SAML and Two Factor Authenticaion

    Support for MFA through Google Authenticator would be excellent. Is there any indication on where in the roadmap this is? Our current RMM has MFA and while email MFA works, it's not as convenient nor timely as a OTP from an app. Many thanks.
  12. Hello, When examining a connected computer under New Systems (Beta)/Systems/<Machine Name>/Printers I can only see "local" printers (Send to Onenote, XPS writer and Fax). The network attached printer (shared from a local server) cannot be seen. Is this by design or a yet to be implemented feature? Appreciate your time in reply.
  13. Error attempting to start remote desktop session

    Both machines are Intel i7. The WIndows 7 machine (where I first encountered the error) uses an authenticated proxy to connect out. The Windows 10 machine has direct Internet access. I can connect successfully from Win 10 -> Win 7, but not from Win 7 -> Win 10.