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  1. When creating an automated task - would like the option to run that automated task automatically if a computer was offline at the designated time. This would come in handy if a client's machines internet connection is lost, is powered down, or consistently turns their machine off prior to the scheduled task running.
  2. Hi Chris, To automate this as a scheduled task - should I just add it directly as is as a powershell script? Thank you.
  3. Hi Hanfelt thanks - didn't seem to work for some reason. I'll keep searching and see if I have luck with some other options. Lots of different recommendations from all over. Thanks again.
  4. Looking for a script to create an automated task to empty the recycle bin.
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you. This will help out tremendously.
  6. Is there a script that can be used to change the group name on the Pulseway Manager client for a particular machine? This would help us reorganize a few machines without having the need to remote in to them. Thank you.
  7. Worked perfectly. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks again. Appreciate all the help. We deployed most of the Pulseway Manager clients remotely so , can a similar approach be used to enable Remote Desktop? We have a few endpoints we'd like to enable this feature on without having to have physical access to the machine.
  9. If a workstation is offline when a task is scheduled to be executed - will the missed task be performed once the machine comes back online?
  10. Thank you Chris. Can you disable it by entering "0" Value?
  11. Is there a script or task that can enable the User Support Request feature if it was not turned on during the initial Pulseway Manager installation? This would be very convenient vs. having to remote in to each machine and configuring each client.