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  1. Would be nice to get excited of new features
  2. Yes being able to select a package from a group and it deletes from all devices it finds it on
  3. Hi Any chance of safe mode reboot with networking and then we can use Pulseway for resolving issues etc?
  4. Can you give a rough eta for the backup your are going to setup?
  5. Hi Paul any chance of posting an update roadmap so we can get excited for new features etc? phil
  6. studiouk

    Apple Watch app

    How good would it be to do simple things from your Apple Watch (reboot PCs, start scripts etc)
  7. I would be really good if we can see the internet speed without having to log onto the computer and run speedtest.net
  8. studiouk

    Global Change

    Can someone tell me how can we change the Pulseway Manager settings on a Group of PC'S remotely?
  9. studiouk


    It might be good to create a Scripts section on the forum so that the members can share / exchange scripts etc.
  10. Yes, because we can then exclude that directory from the AV software.
  11. When trying to run batch scripts on Pulseway 4.9, AVG flags up on the remote computer that this is trying to run. You then have to jump on the PC to allow it. It would be good if Pulseway has the option to specify the locations of the bat files i.e C:\BAT\AUTOMATION_0CEE_4E433_DSFSD.BAT etc We could then exclude this folder from the AV software to stop getting this false positives.
  12. studiouk

    Script Help

    Im after creating a batch file which will automatically: - Remove any previous version of Pulseway / Mobile PC Monitor - Install Pulseway - Import our CFG file - Start the Pulseway service. We dont use GPO. I just need a batch file etc. This is how far i have got but doesn't seem to work. Any ideas people? net stop "PC Monitor" sc delete "PC Monitor" msiexec.exe /uninstall c:\windows\system32\Pulseway_x64.msi /qn c:\windows\system32\Pulseway_x64.msi /qn config=c:\windows\system32\Pulseway.pcmcfg configpassword=XXXXXXX
  13. Hi Paul, I guess a notification would be great. I just means we don't have to hang around in the chat windows or the app and can do other things. thanks.
  14. Hi, I tell you what is really missing, when someone replies to your chat and you’re not in the Pulseway app. It would be really good if an icon would appear like the red or yellow explanation mark, but a picture of an envelope to tell you then have replied. Can you add that feature?
  15. Hi Marius Do you have a eta for the remote control feature? Phil
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