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  1. affer

    remote desktop final?

    Update, the same error occurs in windows server 2003, hope the release will help on the error here also. have not tested with the beta you guys sended me, just is just FYI.
  2. affer

    remote desktop final?

    Thanks for info, i will look forward to this update, hope it is beeing released very soon.
  3. affer

    remote desktop final?

    That did not help, restartet both the enterprise server after an iisreset, and restarted the xp machine, still same error, only seeing the problem on XP machines. nu luck yet, still same error. //Rasmus
  4. I reckon that with 4.7.4 the remote desktop is final? i can see in manage devices that all my clients is up to date, and i am trying to remote desktop to some windows xp machines (that are on the road) but i get the error: The agent remote desktop libraries are not up to date, please update them to the latest version. i have tried all my XP installations, both virtual and physical, and i cant connect to either f them, they all respond with the same error. what do you suggest i should do now? thanks.
  5. ok thanks, how do i understand you? if i change the computername in the settings of the computer, it wont change in any pulseway app at the moment? if i chabge the compuername in the pulseway settings, it will ofcause propagte to other pulseway apps. what i am interested in, is that if i change the compurter name in windows settings, pulseway should follow this change. thanks
  6. In pulseway dahsboard (and other pulseway apps) The name of the computer that have a freshly installed pulseway agent will be shown in the pulseway apps. when i change the computername later on, how dows pulseway handle this? does it change in dahsboard? or does it keep the original name? thanks
  7. affer

    unused group

    Super, thanks
  8. affer

    unused group

    Say i have made a group with computers i would like total survaillance on, ie a computer that is not function properly. when i am done using this this computer, i move this computer out of the group making the group empty. then i would like to move a new computer to this group, will this group remember its settings? that ive setup last time a computer have been in the group. Thanks //Rasmus
  9. http://www.opennms.org/wiki/HP_Insight_Manager This site is usefull, i used it for my HP 4730 SAN for the single disk i started from: . cpqDaPhyDrvStatus Port 1I Box 1 Bay 1 to . (all 25 disks)
  10. can i set up a rule to restart a service (program) when it have been using less then for example 0.5% for 20 minutes? thanks.
  11. affer

    Edit font/sizes

    Maybe an autosize feature to the dashboard, so the computers will scale to fit one screen, could be a great idea?
  12. Ive had that error, a reboot of the server helped at my location,.
  13. This is just a thread for sharing SNMP OID UPS (APC) Battery time remaining - . Current input - . load in percent - . output voltage - . time since switch to battery - . all except the last one is integers, the last one is the one i made a notification on, when it is not equal to standard i get an critical alarm (power loss) //Affer Denmark Please share
  14. Thanks, i will try tomorrow. Great work btw :-)
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