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  1. Hi, very good question, we need this feature too and I don't know what is so complicated. It should be very easy to add this feature. - Dilbert -
  2. Hi Paul, how can we trust you on any promised feature? Nearly every question for a new feature in this forum is on your ever growing roadmap. Pulseway can be a great product and when we decided to buy the enterprise version nearly one year ago, I thought that the GUI is really great and clean and that it is easy to add new features, etc. But what did you do in the last year? Yes, you have added the scripting (which is very nice). You also added an Antivirus solution (at extra cost). The promised patch management is not available, the promised support for ESET v6 will never be available, m
  3. Beware: I also tested Labtech last year. It is very powerful but not very comfortable. Labtech was my favorite of all tested systems, I really liked their approach with templates, rules, etc. For a software developer and senior system engineer, the UI does not really matter. But our support staff needs an easy to understand UI and the mobile apps. Pulseway ist much simpler. If you just want to monitor some basics, it is an easy to use system that works out of the box. If you want to do something more, you have to use the SNMP extension (which is horrible at the moment). If you instal
  4. Hi, it would make life much easier if we can execute scripts on groups and scopes without creating seperate tasks. I have a script that I normally execute only once on a new agent. At the moment, I run it manually on every agent. Dilbert
  5. Dilbert


    Hi Paul, this thread is almost two years old and a lot of people were asking for a small feature. Is this really so complicated? Dilbert
  6. Dilbert


    Hi, nearly every thread in this forum that is asking for new features is answered with "we will consider this", "we don't support this but maybe we will do this in a future release" or "we haven't got a reply from software vendor xyz". Now you're always talking about the addon framework. Most of the threads are 1 or more years old and still not integrated. I hope your development department will deliver at least some of the promised features. Otherwise we have to look for alternatives to Pulseway. Pulseway is very easy to use product with a great UI but for the price, we're expectin
  7. Hi Paul, there are a lot of simple things: - Groups don't have customizable icons - Custom icons would be great - Searchable lists like in the WSUS module - I have just numeric group identifiers. This makes it very difficult to pass data from the Details page to a group page. I can't pass something different than a number. Dilbert
  8. Hi Paul, please open the Addon Framework for external developers. The Client Plugins are very limited at the Moment. I have tons of ideas on how to extend Pulseway that are only limited by the limited featureset of the plugin Interface. Dilbert
  9. Hi, perhaps you should introduce something like a "Notification ID" to detect wether the notification has been shown before or not. Dilbert
  10. Why is this not updated? Once per service startup would be enough, so it will not affect performance. Dilbert
  11. It would also be great to have more icons in the SimpleItemStyle enumeration. A green check would be nice. Dilbert
  12. Hi I wrote a couple of plugins for Pulseway. The plugins often provide a "global" state and a more detailed status on a seperate page. Currently, I have to create a group containing 2 items in the GetAdditionalComputerDetails method. The first item is a SimpleItem with the title "XYZ state" and a subtile "OK". The second item is a PageItem "Details...". It would save a lot of space if I could have a PageItem which has an icon in front (so that the state is easily visible). Dilbert
  13. Hi, I want to write a plugin for changing user configurations. As the list of users is long (more than 100) it would be great, if I could create a page with the list of the users and a "search" textbox. If the user enters some text, the list will be filtered. It could be like the "Search users" feature of the Active Directory Server Module. Is this somehow possible with a plugin? Dilbert
  14. Why not move the update function to a seperate windows service? Would make our life much easier.
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