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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. That might very well explain why I can't get it to connect! Do you expect to be able to connect and monitor with Eset Remote Administrator version 6 in the future? Or is this a feature that has become depreaciated?
  2. Hello, New user here still very much in my trial period. I currently use a Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 as my primary Domain Controller and have Eset Remote Administrator version 6.1.365.0 installed and running. I've installed the Pulseway Manager 4.7.3 on the server without difficulty and am able to connect to this with my mobile device - an iPhone 4. When I attempt to setup the Server module for Eset within the Pulseway Manager on the server I am unable to connect to my Eset Remote Administrator server. Is there documentation somewhere on how to set this up and what the prerequistes are? I've browsed the manual which basically tells me what I can do once I get it setup, however can't find anything about how to set it up for access. The forums also seem devoid of posts regarding this error.The error I continue to receive when using the "Test Connection" button is "Could not connect to ERA. Connection result is: APIERROR_CONNECTION_FAILED. Last error code is: 11001". I've tried server names such as ERAserver, Server, localhost, all without success. I've adjusted the ports from 1433, 2222, 2223, 8443 all without success. I am able to connect to the ERA web console without error within my browser via localhost:8443/era/webconsole. I have all of my clients setup with Eset Antivirus products and in the testing of RMM solutions (of which I've tested over a half dozen in the last month), Pulseway is one of only 2 RMM solution that I've found which offers proper Eset integration. This is a huge selling point for myself and any assistance in connecting this module would be greatly appreaciated and would most likely make Pulseway my top choice for an RMM solution. Thanks and hope someone out there can offer a suggestion! Cheers
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