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  1. i'm not asking for numbers here, i am simply asking of there are any at all. if so, then i know it can be done, making the case for PSA a bit stronger. If you wish not to disclose this info, thats fine by me. It does however make me wonder if i should focus on another solution all together Same goes for the templating, 2 month's, really.. you do know my trial is only a month right? I'm not in the habbit of buying things based on "what may, or may not be" this isn't looking very well for Pulseway then. https://www.transifex.com translation can hardly get any easier, i do not know of any other RMM/PSA that doesn't have localized support, you're really lacking in this area. for now im alone, but i plan to have 25 technicians in a few years, your only unique selling-point for me is the fact that you have iOS apps. imagine 17 technicians having Android, and the case for Pulseway becomes a whole lot weaker. Which i think is a shame, since Pulseway can become an ideal system for a lot of people!
  2. Thats a rather odd answer, i dont see what thats got to do with costumizing?
  3. He mentioned it was not in AD :-) i agree, it would be nice if there was a bit more user management as well
  4. As an MSP, i have a small office where i have a huge TV Screen, where i can display important information. I am an Apple minded MSP, which means for Pulseway: running a VM with Windows to display the Windows Store app Dashboard. Having a mac mini running fullscreen RDP session to said VM, and transmit its display using Airplay to an Apple TV hooked up to the tv to display the dashboard. Not an ideal setup but alas! It works. At the moment, the Dashboard is static. There’s really no costumizing what so ever. I would very much like to have the ability to costumize the dashboard, preferably using CSS. That way, your userbase can setup Dashboards the way that benefits them, whitelabeling things as they need. At the moment, i am not very good in using photoshop but i managed to present some example of what i mean. I have modified the background with my company background, changed “Pulseway” to “ALLEAS” and included its logo. Idealy, i would round the corners and use different colors for the computer sections. The light grey area would be more in line with my company color, and the black area would be the color of the notification (if any) making it easier to spot problems from across the office :-)
  5. In the roadmap i see something called Pulseway Backup. Does this mean you can export/import your Pulseway configuration for usage in another instance? Or does this mean you implement a service where i can backup my server to “a Pulseway cloud” Because the later would be a HUGE benefit to me, as a “Pulseway minded company”. I have tested Atera in the past (amongst loooooots of other RMM’s) and they offer a feature where you can use the agent to backup the selected system to your portion of the Atera cloud, i would think this is not hard to implement, since you obviously allready have the infrastructure and security in place, and it would allow us costumers to more tightly integrate Pulseway into our systems. As a minimalist, i try to live my life following the KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple) principle, and i would very much like to implement that businesswise too. Which is succeeding well with the curent usage of Pulseway, but ofcourse there is always room to grow :-) not having to deal with the administration that evolves arround using different suppliers (Pulseway for monitoring, XXX foor business management, Microsoft for Azure backup storage) frees up my time to do what i do best, be an IT Hero! Which would very much align with the Pulseway filosophy!
  6. I am an ESET Partner, and now a Pulseway minded MSP, who would LOVE to have ESET integrated :-)
  7. I am in the same spot! And with applications going web based more often, company’s slowly starting to give users freedom, i think it would be wise to not neglect the Apple users :-) i understand that the Windows base is bigger then the Apple base, but still.. Pulseway isnt the only RMM provider to do this, so better get ahead of the competition ;-)
  8. I realise this is an old topic, but untill such thing is implemented, you could do this with a powershell script :-) you could have it spill out a html file, or even have it mailed if you wish :-) having it in Pulseway scripts library means you could do it automated every week or so :-)
  9. Are there any people in Europe (or more precicely, in the Netherlands) that use the full PSA solution to manage their business?? After a rather disapointing start with Pulseway RMM, due to some recent licensing changes, (i am at the moment starting up as an MSP/MSSP,but the minimum for Pulseway is 25 licenses, meaning i throw away half the licenses atm) i am looking at PSA as an option, but there’s no Dutch translations, (or maybe i can change the language used in the invoices myself??) My reseller seems to think i could only use PSA at the moment for ticketing, project management and perhaps time tracking.. lets prove him wrong please? i have chosen for Pulseway after a few months of testing with Kaseya, Continuum, Solardwinds, Connectwise, Atera, etc. For the solemfact that i absolutely LOVE the mobile apps. Im an Apple certified person, and i love beeing able to handle most tasks from my iPad/iPhone and receiving notifications on my Apple Watch while im on the road, trying to score new clients. I would even MORE love Pulseway if i could offer my clients a nice portal to see their invoices, knowledgebase, tickets etc :-) If that was/is possible, i would not lose any sleep over the 12 licenses going down the drain the next few months, because then it would be money well spend!! or maybe, if i am all wrong (and yes, i have watched the video’s) some support person could help me get setup?? Would be awesome, and i would be a loyal costumer ;-) i would even volunteer to help translate PSA/RMM into Dutch language (isnt that a great offer noone can refuse??)
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