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  1. One huge feature missing that other RMM'S seem to do (NinjaRMM / Syncro) Run a script as the user logged in. Surely you can integrate this. I know you can impersonate a user but this means entering their login details and its a pain if the user changes their password.
  2. Hi Pulseway, I love the chat feature to talk to our customers, however is there any way you can enable any responses from customer to go into notifications. We have to stay in the chat section on the iPhone to see their responses. Customers doesn't always respond straight away. An alert would be good so we can use other sections of Pulseway whilst waiting for their response etc. Thanks Phil
  3. Daft question, where are the scripts?
  4. Hi, The main great idea with pulseway was to be able support customers from the mobile phone. It seems more features have to be run from the website rather than the app. Example: I have a script that i need to run on all computers in a group. Can we not have the option to view and run scripts from group level in the mobile app. We can do this when we go down to computer level. Its a pain having to setup a scope online, then create a task to run it. And the same with a group terminal. I know you can create script but sometime us engineers just need to run a command for all computers in a group. Can you not setup the terminal and powershell option in the groups please Also would be really good if we could install your AV from computer level in the mobile app. Again stops me having to login online and do it that way. Look forward to your response. Thanks Phil
  5. It would be really good if it could find missing and out of date drivers.
  6. Hi Would it be posssible for you to add some more views in the dashboard application. it's great to see it on a big TV in the office but would be usefully if we can change: - to a list view (like windows explorer allows to change the views of files in a folder) - then would enable us see more customers on one screen rather than waiting for them to come around after the rotation - change font size - make the green / red circles smaller ( a column list view would be good) - remove items from view like - hiding os version. - adding items on the view like - logged in user - option to remove the scrolling banner at the bottom. Thanks phil
  7. It would be nice to be able to change the order of the scripts. Also to be able to move a script into a different category that we might create at a later date.
  8. Just tested it on 2 PCs and it works perfect, Thanks Paul!!!!!!!! Wishlist Removal Scripts - SuperAntispyware - Spybot -ESET We could then make 1 script to remove them all. This would then enable us to push out Kaspersky without issues...
  9. There is no option to uninstall theses programs in the uninstall section in Pulseway So we have 100 PCs (not on a domain), which we have to uninstall the programs and then install Pulseway. Any ideas would be good Or silent / batch file install of pulseway would be good...
  10. Hi, Does anyone know how we can remove Malwarebytes and Spybot on all the devices under a group? Any ideas Pulseway or 3rd Party? Thanks Phil
  11. I agree with Michel van Son, it would be really good if we good if we could have a video like that aimed at us supporting the customer etc
  12. Hi Pulseway Users, We are moving over to the new amazing Pulseway Antivirus. After some research we have found our Kaspersky doesn't play well with others. It would be good if someone could come up with a script that would automatically remove the usually programs (ESET, Malwarebytes, Super Antispyware, Norton, ETC). This would save us having to jump onto a computer to remove all these items before we push out the Kaspersky installation etc. Any ideas? Thanks Phil
  13. Hi Paul, Yes that would be good. I love the way you guys tweak the system for your customers needs !!!! Thanks Phil
  14. Hi, The idea behind Pulseway was to enable an engineer to provide support from his mobile devices, i.e. get him away from his desk. Pulseway is missing some much needed features: Lets say I want to run a script on all of the computers in a Group. On my mobile I can send messages to a group, restart all the computers to a group etc. BUT you cannot run scripts. You have to go onto a computer, create a scope, then create a task, etc.... It would be good when your on your mobile to be able to click into your group, then see scripts etc. Thanks Phil
  15. Any chance of linking to an Apple Watch, would be good to be able to do some simple things via the phone, Reboot PC etc
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