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  1. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We're excited about this idea and we've added it to the list. Thanks for the feedback. Kind Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  2. Hi Terry, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We've checked the attached file and it's not what we expected. Have you attached the ETL file or the msi-* file? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  3. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. We plan on adding support for CSVs as a separate module for Windows Cluster. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  4. Hi, The procedure is as follows: Create a new account with a temp password Provide the user with the account details and server name Ask him to configure a windows agent with the connection details provided and click on the "Change Password" button Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  5. Hi. Thanks, can you please contact support [at] pulseway [dot] com ? I will escalated your request to the appropriate department. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  6. Hi, Thanks for the update. Does this happen to all the systems you control or only at that particular server? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  7. Chris

    Exchange Queues

    Hi Mark, I can confirm you that this feature is queued for the next Windows Agent release (or the one after that). Sorry for the delay. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  8. Hi, To span the Dashboard across multiple monitors, all you need is to stretch it manually using the grip resize and it will span across multiple monitors. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  9. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. You can check and install updates for an entire group using all mobile apps. See attached screenshot for iOS. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  10. Hi, I'd check to see if repairshopr can setup rules for incoming emails so that it will only create a ticket if the received email matches the filter you setup. This way you could check to see if the message body contains "support" and this will prevent other emails from triggering tickets. If the ticketing software doesn't support filters, maybe you can setup in your email server a filter that if an incoming email contains the support keyword in it's body to forward it to a different email address that will only contain support requests and have the ticketing software monitor that mailbox. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  11. Hi, Do the error stop if you delete Pulseway from your system? Pulseway only checks for hardware sensors if you request this information from the mobile device. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  12. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. Try with the following configuration: IsDaemon - NONE Path - /domoticz/domoticz? StartParameters - -daemon -www 8089 -log /domoticz/domoticz.log CanBeStopped - True Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  13. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. To remove the Pulseway service registration you need to execute the following command into an administrative command prompt (include quotes): sc delete "PC Monitor" Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  14. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. On what operating system and session did you connect to? Can you reproduce this even after a system restart? Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  15. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community and thank you for your feedback. The Mac OS X Pulseway app is in a constant improvement so we add a lot of features that are supported by the Windows agent one by one. At this moment you cannot receive notifications for closed ports but it's on our todo list and it's something we're surely going to be adding in the future. Monitoring Mac OS X daemons (services) is on our todo list as well so if you keep an eye out for updates you'll see the features appear on the newer versions. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  16. Hi, Can you rename the website to have a different name? Also make sure that the Default WebSite is not listening on the HTTPS port. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  17. Hi, Welcome to the Pulseway community. After you run the command you need to reinstall Pulseway. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  18. Hi Martin, This is a great idea, we already had it on our list however this involves a multitude of changes and we are still investigating the best way of achieving this. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  19. Hi Martin, Unfortunately we cannot provide any ETA at this stage however we plan on adding this fix for the next windows agent release or the one that follows. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  20. Hi Martin, Sorry for the confusion. I wanted to say that this feature will be added in the future and yes, it's not currently supported. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  21. Hi Martin, The windows 8.1 application will definitely support forwarding notifications to the default email client just like the mobile apps do. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  22. Hi Martin, Thank you for your feedback. We plan on excluding the following statements from the long running queries notification: "RESTORE, BACKUP, ALTER INDEX, DBCC". Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  23. Hi Martin, Thank you for your follow up. I can confirm you that this feature will reach the next release (or the one that follows). Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
  24. Hi Rasmus, The only supported condition for services in the Rules system is service status which includes: Stopped Started Paused Pausing Starting Stopping If you want to restart a windows service if it's using less than 0.5% of the CPU you could do a simple C# plugin that reads a performance counter for a process and restarts the service (read cpu usage performance counter - link and restart a windows service - link). Regards, Chris Pulseway Supoprt
  25. Hi Crank, Pulseway doesn't support selecting which video source to use at this moment but we plan on adding it in a future release. Thank you for your feedback. Regards, Chris Pulseway Support
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