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  1. I came here today to make a similar suggestion. I would strongly support this, but not if it required me to have my physical Yubikey device. I have one, but I also have a smartphone, and I'm not really interested in having to juggle a dozen devices just to log into things. I find it too onerous forcing everyone to acquire a Yubikey and deal with that. The implementation chosen should be a form of TOTP that works in the same clients that can be used for Amazon, Microsoft, LastPass, and many more. Google Authenticator is one, and there are other clients that support the same standard (Authenticator Plus is the Android client I use). The impetus for even thinking about this occurred to me this morning after trying to connect to my daughter's PC to diagnose an issue on it. I was prompted for the two-factor auth code before using Remote Desktop, but the email never arrived (still hasn't). I was going mad waiting for it because she has limited time. Emailed auth codes is a terrible implementation for this reason and I very nearly disabled the entire option.
  2. One of the systems I monitor is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which has both a forward- and a rear-facing webcam. When I use the Webcam function in Pulseway, it accesses the rear camera only. Is it possible to switch it to the front camera?
  3. When I use 587, I get "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure." My host does have a mismatched cert...
  4. That's strange. If it falls back to TLS, it should work; but it doesn't work. It simply times out. I'm manually changing it to use port 465, which is what the server expects. I can only get it to work on port 25 with the SSL option disabled.
  5. My host disabled SSL completely not long ago due to the security issues that have come to light recently. Ironically, in doing so, they have reduced security in some ways. Any client that does not support TLS must not use any encryption at all. This is the case with Pulseway; I have the choice either to use SSL (which will not work, as I mentioned), or plaintext. I didn't see TLS mentioned on the Roadmap. Would you please consider it?
  6. I'm running Pulseway User Agent 4.6 on Win8.1 Pro x64. Right now, I have 5 Pulseway tray icons showing. None are "ghost" icons that remain after an application crash; they are all working properly. I recently installed/uninstalled Carbonite backup software a couple times, and I think that is when the extra tray icons were added. The Carbonite installer kills Explorer.exe and restarts it to add/remove its shell integration. I believe that Pulseway detected the Explorer crashes, and automatically added a tray icon afterward, even though the existing icon(s) were still there. On a related note, since the Pulseway icon doesn't do much, and I don't need it at all, I'd like to be able to hide it completely.
  7. Thanks, but why do people keep saying to install "Simple TCP/IP Services"? WOL used to work perfectly for me, and I never installed that stuff. Recently I installed it, and WOL worked ONE TIME for me, then stopped. Win8 "Simple TCP/IP Services" is not needed for WOL to work... Or, if it is, someone needs to explain why, rather than just having people waste their time installing and uninstalling things. P.S. I think I'll create another account, rather than deal with this ridiculous "moderator queue" which is based on a 2-year-old misunderstanding.
  8. I found a WOL setting in my BIOS (it was very well hidden). It was enabled. For grins and giggles, I disabled it, restarted, then enabled it again. I am running the very latest NIC drivers, and WOL and every affiliated setting is most definitely enabled there. The Windows 8 "fast startup" setting is still disabled. The NIC entry in Device Manager has no "allow this device to wake up the computer" entry under the Power Management tab. Thanks, though.
  9. Mods: I am not a threat. Quite a long time ago, I cursed out Microsoft and you mistakenly thought I was referring to MMSoft Design.

  10. I'd like to have Windows Firewall enabled and for the inbound WOL firewall rule, restrict it to only allow the remote IP addresses that Pulseway would be using. Can anyone tell me what these are (or what host name(s) Pulseway uses? I'm not going to assume it's "pulseway.com"). Edit: And just like that, WOL has stopped working again! This time, I know I have not changed anything to break it. I also know the external IP address Pulseway is hitting is correct.
  11. I don't see any explicit "Wake on LAN" option in my BIOS (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard), but I'm 99% sure I have not changed anything since it worked, and I know I have not updated the BIOS. Edit: I got it to work again. I did a few things out of pure disgust for having such a hard time with it. I'm not totally sure which change made the difference. I totally disabled the Windows Firewall (not a problem since I'm behind a router, but I will re-enable it); I also disabled Win8 "fast startup" (under Control Panel > Power Options > "Choose what the power button does"), and disabled "Fast Boot" in my BIOS. The Win8 "fast startup" option is probably what the problem was. According to this article, "fast startup" puts the PC in S4 sleep, from which WOL is not supported.
  12. I have this same problem. It used to work fine, but now it does not, and I have no idea why. I've walked through everything that seems could possibly be preventing it from working, to no avail. Pulseway simply says "Wakeup command failed" and nothing happens. Yes, I've opened port 9, I've done it all (including some of the things suggested which are not necessary at all). I have not "undone" anything I initially set up to get it working in the first place. But between the time it worked and now, I have updated my router's firmware, my Ethernet adapter driver (I believe), and of course many Windows updates, which are reknowned for breaking things. I have no idea, but it's frustrating, especially now that I can't wake up my PC with the keyboard or mouse anymore (due to the use of a USB switch).
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