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  1. Excellent to hear. Very annoying having to logout/login as admin in dashboard to delete agents, then log back in to my account. Thanks
  2. OK, sounds good. What is the ETA for the ACL revamp?
  3. We need to be able to automatically associate user accounts with agents based on group, or some other mechanism. We have all agents logged in using the admin account. Whenever we add new agents, we have to login in to the web console and manually associate the new agents with the user account(s) that need to manage/support them. It looks like this is already on the roadmap, do you have any update as to when this will be available? Thanks
  4. We have our agents logged in using the Administrator account. We've created user accounts that are associated to all the systems/agents logged in using the admin account. When logged in as administrator in the Dashboard, i can delete inactive agents. When logged on as a user that is associated with the admin account, I cannot delete inactive systems. Can you make it so that associated accounts that have full access rights can remove agents/systems from the dashboard? Thanks
  5. Dashboard updated to v5.4.1 this morning. After all the agents updated themselves to 5.4.1 as well, this issue is resolved. Note that if your agents are still at v5.4 you will get an error. Thanks for getting this fixed.
  6. OK, thanks. Please post something here once you've pushed out a fix. Do you have an ETA? TIA
  7. I can't seem to update any agent settings remotely anymore. I normally use Dashboard to edit an agent's config and change the computer name as needed (hire/term). As of about a week ago, this no longer works. The agent config screen comes up normally after right clicking in Dashboard and choosing edit computer settings, lets me make my changes, and then gives the standard "this may take 30 secs" message when saving. But nothing happens, no update. If I go back in and look at the settings again the modifications are not there. This also happens with Pulseway Manager under Manage Systems. I don't see a way to update agent settings using the WebApp. I have not updated my Dashboard to my knowledge, still using 5.1.2. Agent version is 5.4. Doesn't seem to matter what OS the computer is running, happening with all PCs And i've installed the Dashboard on a different PC, same results. The only way to make the changes stick is to login to the computer in question and make the changes on the agent locally. Help!
  8. Sitting here about to go home for the weekend, and my dashboard just closed itself and autoupdated. I was immediately like "yessss, let it be dual monitor support". And of course it was! Good job on getting this implemented, i can now use pulseway's remote desktop for all user support instead of just for laptop users. And it works on PCs with more than 2 as well!
  9. They stated over here in this other thread that it would most likely be released at the same time, or shortly after. See the last post. http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/995-req-screens-all-monitors-pcm-service/
  10. OK so still Q2, roughly a month or so. How will it work by the way? Will two windows/screens automatically open up when i start the session? Or will i have one window that i have to switch back and forth between Monitor #1 and Monitor #2? Whatever you do, don't have it open one stretched window with both monitors present... it'd never fit on one screen unless i by myself a 30" or something.
  11. I see Remote Desktop is now out of Release Candidate phase, and you are sending out email announcements about it. But still no multiple monitor support. Any ETA on this being included? Remote Desktop has been great so far. But i can really only use it for laptop users since they only have the one screen, everyone else has dual monitors. Its the last thing i need to make Remote Desktop a fully functional feature for me. Thanks
  12. Good to hear. Is that list public? I've seen the roadmap but i don't think its on that. Thanks
  13. This would be a nice feature to have as a server module, so i could see all the currently connected VPN clients.
  14. Will this get implemented along with multiple monitor support for Remote Desktop?
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