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  1. Thanks Chris, I have responded via email. Mark
  2. Hi Marius Any further news on this, its been about 18 months and I would still find it very useful? Mark
  3. Hi Marius Just wondering if this is due to make it into a released build soon? Regards Mark
  4. I have tried to PM you the contents of the trace.log but if I paste the contents into the message and send it just says: There appears to be an error with the database. Can I email you or attach the log file somehow?
  5. Quite some time ago I recall mentioning the possibility of being able to export and import the list of performance counters from PC Monitor Manager, System, Performance Counters. I understand some are specific to a machine ie Network Interfaces but a lot are generic such as Memory (Available Byes, Committed Bytes etc) or Physical Disk, _Total (%Disk Time, Disk Bytes/sec etc) or Processor _Total %processor Time etc etc A lot of these generic counters are very useful in establishing performance benchmarks and trends over time. However its very time consuming indeed to have to select the same things for 100+ machines and the ability to simply export and import these separately would save a huge amount of time. Obviously it would involve some common sense in knowing that non generic counters wont import or work but I'm sure people could cope!
  6. Yes true or: Get-WmiObject -Query "SELECT * FROM win32_service WHERE startmode='auto'" Still not as quick as listing it in the PC Monitor GUI and making the column header "Startup Type" sortable as the Services mmc does in Windows.
  7. Quick question on this plugin, I get access correctly and events displayed but when I drill down to the "Client List" level where all my clients servers are and then click on a server name it displays "Invalid Item" rather than listing the backups?
  8. Just having a look at the new feature to monitor web sites and have set the System, Web, We Sites tab to monitor a clients SBS Companyweb site in IIS, I know this site is working as on the SBS server if I run http://companyweb it displays the web page, however when I add this to PC Monitor it displays and error: The web site 'Companyweb' (http://companyweb) is not available: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized I assume then that you are referencing this web site as an external site rather than an Intranet or internal site or does PC Monitor send the URL request locally from the server its on?
  9. It would be really useful when listing the Windows services in PC Monitor under System, Services if you could list the current service status ie if its Automatic, Manual, Disabled or Delayed Start that way it would be easier to add in the services that you want to monitor rather than having to refer to the Windows Services console as well. At the moment I have to access this information on each server or workstation rather than just looking at the PC Monitor list, it makes it rather tedious and easy to miss a service that you need to monitor.
  10. It would be really useful to have a network Interface notification if the status changes from Up to Down or vice versa. In particular I have a couple of clients who use Microsoft RRAS VPN demand dial interfaces and although I can view these in PC Monitor and see the status and network usage graph, being able to be notified if they are down would be great.
  11. Ok thanks Marius, would you be able at some point to add the DeliveryType field to the display because at the moment it just displays a number eg SERVER\428 . This number could be a MapiDelivery queue or a SmartHost Delivery queue and there's no way of knowing unless you Powershell to the server and run the Get-Queue cmdlet which then shows the DeliveryType. This would help in determining what queue stuck messages are in. In addition NextHopDomain field would be useful in a multiple site Exchange organisations as you can then see if the issue is between connected sites etc. Mark
  12. Hi Technically can you tell me what you monitor in terms of Exchange Server 2010 Active Queues? Also is there a way or are there any plans to monitor an active Send Connector or Receive Connector? For example it would be great to be able to view a Send Connector queue that delivers to a smart host ie outbound internet mail or Internal relay. Mark
  13. Further to this I had Windows 8 running in Bootcamp on my Mac Book pro so installed the app on here and it worked fine. Today I have installed the newest NVidia drivers on my PC so have gone from 306.97 to 310.70 and now the application is working fine. I guess its fairly safe to assume that the problem is related to graphics drivers and that hopefully the issue is resolved as drivers are updated.
  14. I'm already using the latest driver ver 306.97 for my GeForce GTX 670. Here's what I get in the sidebar: As you can see its just blank, if I run up the app itself I get this:
  15. I have done that twice, its very odd, I'm getting notification pop ups from the app just cant display it. I can only assume it s a display driver issue perhaps, I will look to see if there is an Nvidia driver update and report back.
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