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  1. Like we do on the Zendesk integration, selecting priority level and above. See that would be nice. We are only using Low priority for performance related tresholds. Nothing we would like to be notified about, but something that could be nice go back and look at. I we could get Low priority notifications to be cleared after an amount of time, that would be nice. Or an API, where we can do it by scripting.
  2. +1 This could be a great function, but it should be more generic. A service notification, should link to services. A free disk space notification should link to harddisks. A performance counter notification should link to performance counters Etc.
  3. When you change the password, both the new and old password will work for a propagation time. During this time all agents that connects with the old password will update their configuration with the new credentials.
  4. Here is a use case. We are a few administrators for our serveres. We uses Pulseway to monitor and administrate the servers. But we have a lot of developers and consultants working on the servers. We have tried educating them in using maintenance mode, so we don't get alerts on high cpu, stopped services, closed TCP ports etc. That works fine, but often they forget to disable maintenance mode, when they are done. We sometimes discovers servers that has been in maintenance mode for days, without we knowing why. If the maintenance mode button asks for a note/name, we would have something to indicate why the server is in this mode. You could also introduce a "Snooze" button that enters maintenance mode for an hour or so.
  5. Is it possible to create our own Report templates. I would like to retrieve the value of a specific registry entry for all devices. Is it possible? I could easily imagine, that doing the same with WMI and Performance Counter entries could come handy..
  6. Hi Jeremy, If you set it up as a Scheduled Task, you can run it from the mobile app.
  7. Hi MMSOFT. Is it somehow possible to generate more individual notifications from the same plugin, without using allowMultipleNotifications. It is not hard to imagine that a plugin would have to monitor two or more individual values. If it is not possible, consider this a feature request :-) Best Regards, Martin.
  8. Thanks. I have now worked around it. :-) Consider it a feature-request. It should be easy to implement a optional boolean parameter. Bye, Martin
  9. Hi MMSOFT. Is there an easy way for using SetValueForKey and GetValueForKey without encrypting the data. Sometimes we want the plugin-data to be configured or manipulated directly via registry. If not, can anyone help providing a C# function that always will return the same registry key name as GetValueForKey/SetValueForKey uses? Best Regards, Martin.
  10. Hide Pulseway from Programs and Features: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FFB50A7D-1792-4D46-8812-9200B1A6B153}] "SystemComponent"=dword:00000001 You could also try to add "ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1" to the commandline string when doing the unattended installation. Br, Martin.
  11. It would be nice with a build in option to trigger notifications based on failed Agent Jobs. We are currently using this custom SQL Query in 'msdb': SELECT STUFF((SELECT N', ' + name FROM (SELECT name FROM dbo.sysjobs WHERE (SELECT TOP 1 run_status FROM dbo.sysjobhistory WHERE (step_id = 0) AND (job_id = sysjobs.job_id) ORDER BY run_date DESC, run_time DESC) = 0 AND (enabled = 1)) AS [n1] FOR XML PATH(''),TYPE).value('text()[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,2,N'') AS [Failed] // Martin.
  12. It would be nice with a build in option to trigger notifications based on the date since last backup of any databse. We are currently using this custom SQL Query i 'msdb': SELECT STUFF((SELECT N', ' + name FROM (SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT db.name FROM (SELECT name FROM master.sys.databases WHERE (state = 0) AND (NOT (name IN ('tempdb')))) AS db LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT database_name AS name, backup_finish_date AS timestamp FROM dbo.backupset UNION SELECT name, create_date FROM master.sys.databases) AS b ON b.name = db.name GROUP BY db.name HAVING (NOT (1 * ISNULL(STR(ABS(DATEDIFF(hh, GETDATE(), MAX(b.timestamp)))), - 1) BETWEEN 0 AND 48)) ORDER BY db.name) AS [n1] FOR XML PATH(''),TYPE).value('text()[1]','nvarchar(max)'),1,2,N'') AS [Missing] // Martin.
  13. Hi Paul It sounds great with REST API v2. I will hold my breath.... An other approach on the notification archive, could be a setting on the enterprise server, that once a day exports the entire database to a remote (Azure) SQL-server. I have seen this on competitive programs, and it works very fine for reporting. Br, Martin.
  14. Is it possible to retrieve the current notification via som API/OData/Webservice. And is it posible to to delete a noticifation this way Well, the mobile apps can do it, so I guess teh webservice exists - but is it public available? Altso it would be cool if the notification archive of Enterprise server were availabe as OData so it could be used in PowerBI. Br, Martin.
  15. This is what we monitor on our Synology box by the SNMP Server Module. Br, Martin
  16. +1 Perhaps also list or/and delete notifications by group. Best Regards, Martin
  17. +1 It would be very nice If all the graphs, would have some more retention time - like lets say 30 days. I know that you as a cloud serve don't want to collect to much data, but it could be an Enterpise Server feauture, or the data could be keept at the agent. It would also we great if we could compare different legends on the same graph. This could be a mini performance monitor availability on the Enterprise Server website, like the notification history. Best Regards, Martin
  18. I know - But it would be nice to add tags when setting op the agent. We are setting specific performance counters and eventlog filters based on applications. It would be great to tag the devices for these applications are the same time. Br, Martin
  19. Hi. When I earlier were using the "BMC Patrol" monitoring software, we found good use of this blackout module: http://www.sentrysoftware.net/Products/Blackout_Overview.asp You could get some realy good ideas for improving your blackout/mantenance function in Pulseway, by look at the features and screenshots. Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  20. Hi Pulseway. It would be very nice to be able to manage Tags from the client. It could be in the Pulseway Manager, in the registry settings, or via commandline. Could that be possible? Br, Martin.
  21. Ok, we are configuring the agent by setting the values in registry, and it looks like it works fine. I just have to be shure, that we were not missing any modules. Thanks. Br, Martin.
  22. Hi. It it possible to download some of your extra components durring unattended setup, or afterwards by command line etc.? Specificly we are talking about: System --> Remote Desktop --> Enable Remote Desktop --> Yes to download Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Monitor and Manage SQL Server --> Yes to download Br, Martin.
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