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  1. More as an explatory experiment than a question for production, but is it possible to run Pulseway in an LXC container, for the purposes of it monitoring the host? It seems like a reasonable question for a container (as opposed to a VM). How does Pulseway monitor a system? Is it by using proc etc? These can be "passed" in from the host, so it might be possible.
  2. I had to install the Windows client but otherwise this worked well, thanks! >I personally like to keep my account locked out so that I have to manually approve each device that gets added before it gets access to my systems. Hmm I think I've missed this option. Right now all I have to do is login in with U/P to get access.
  3. I solved this by installing the Debian Chroot package from Synocommunity. Works a charm. Thanks for the great work!
  4. Is there an option in config.xml that allows us to turn off access to the terminal? Or I'd just like a "read only" set up if possible?
  5. Thank you. In the meantime are there any work arounds? What about the Java version? Is that still funcitonal or no?
  6. As alluded to here: https://twitter.com/mobilepcmonitor/status/380309339300327424 What am I actually supposed to do with a MIB file? Thanks, Shak
  7. spammy

    SNMP Server Module

    Some questions: 1) Can this be done on the personal free account? 2) What to do if you have no windows machine?
  8. Product details: http://www.synology.com/ Details on how to create packages: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.php/Synology_package_files Packages can be publised via community repo: http://www.synocommunity.com/repository
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