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  1. Hi Chris, I understand what you mean. Only sometimes less is more. :-) Always use a backup password. Just sending my remarks. :-) thank you RK
  2. Why should the user see the settings Pulseway Manager? Just asks why and how. Not to mention the fact that I had one user registers via erased password. Found it in your forum. In Antivirus Eset not see the settings until you enter the admin password. And it was good. Speaking of the security. I bought a new iPhone, I cloned it from the old au App Pulseway ID has not changed. So I did not have for each monitored system to switch devices. Super, but when you think about it, what would happen if somebody else cloned my phone ..... I know it is my responsibility to secure the cell phone, but nowadays anything is possible. :-) But even so, thank you for your response. :-) RK
  3. If the monitoring system (Win, OSX) Pulseway Manager password is locked against changes are seen all settings, but they are disable. If triggered locked Pulseway Manager, there would be only the password field, and after successful login would only previewed the settings window. Thus, it is seen though disable many important settings and end user would not know what it is set. Perhaps just as it should ESET ideal. He can not even uninstall without a password. TY, RK
  4. Hello, it is possible (if you have not set otherwise) to send notification when login in to the locked computer desktop, the user? TY, RK
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