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  1. I have one that says Uninstalling and is in fact installed. Restarting the service does not work. Ay other things to try.
  2. In the Pulseway Manager go to Notifications>Services. This is where you can uncheck the service. You will still be able to Start, Stop or Restart the service from your apps. You will stop getting notifications for the ones unchecked.
  3. Timeline for release. My agreement with Webroot is expiring at the end of the month.
  4. I am wanting to create a tag called server and assign it to all the servers I manage. It would be very helpful if Pulseway would show a count of how many devices have this tag. Better yet show a similar count like shown in the Groups tab. 29 online and 1 offline systems
  5. I have Webroot on most of my servers and workstations. Recently I have noticed a discrepancy in the WRSA process usage. If I look at the process in Pulseway, it will show the usage to be a lot higher than the process view on the device. Example: Pulseway will show webroot is using 1140 mb and on the device it shows 36 mb. I can kill the process in Pulseway and it then will mirror the device fora short time before it returns to the discrepancy. Has anyone noticed this?
  6. My screenshot is from the installed Kaspersky agent on the device it was installed on. You can access this same information in the Pulseway Webapp, but it does not show the preset exclusions. In the Pulseway Webapp, go to Antivirus>Policies, Select one of your policies and go to Antivirus Protection>General>Scan Exclusions. There is where you can enter files or Folder to exclude. The Trusted Application tab is also useful. You will have to know the correct path to enter. Again you do not see the default Kaspersky exclusions. Hope this helps. The Antivirus integration is one of the best I have seen as far as RMMs.
  7. If you look at the Kaspersky agent settings, they have already integrated many base exclusions. You can access this area under the agent Settings Tab, then Settings under Scan exclusions and trusted applications. See Attached.
  8. Here is a start. https://support.kaspersky.com/consumer/tools-utilities Sorry I am not versed in scripting.
  9. What AV vendors will Pulseway be integrating with?
  10. Do you have the Send a notification when the computer is shutting down checked? Just a thought. See Attachment.
  11. I think only on the Overview and Details page of the individual system your are viewing.
  12. Love the Web app, but some times there is too much clicking. Have you guys thought about an accordion layout style to see the different elements. See Attachment.
  13. I have been running the Enterprise version on a cloud server for two years. The only issues I have had is with the providers hardware causing lockups. Never any issue with the software install or reliability. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said Labtech is becoming expensive and you do not use al the features. I have tested and used operationally many of the programs out there that do what Pulseway does. Pulseway has endless possiblilities if you want it or you can use it for basic monitoring. It is by far the best system for Techs who need the always knowing and mobility. I would suggest you signup for a free 5 device account and test it out. You will be very pleased. David
  14. You will need to upgrade to at leaset 191.
  15. How does the S.M.A.R.T disk notification work? I have over 200 desktops with this checked to send me a notification if triggered. I have had multiple hard drives go bad without one notification. I have even installed Acronis hard drive monitor on a drive and it comes back with errors, but still nothing from Pulseway.
  16. I have an agent that shows offline. The server is connected to the internet and I have other servers on the same network showing up in Pulseway. When I try to Validate the account i get: There was no endpoint listening at (my server URL) that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. Sorry, Found that someone turned on the Firewall. Fixed
  17. This will be a great addition to your product. Great to hear.
  18. Great to hear, now let's get the Icons changed. Thanks,
  19. Just wanted to bring this thread back to life. In Pulseway if we could give a device a tag, (servers could be tagged server, laptops tagged laptop and workstations or PC's tagged workstations or pc's), then Pulseway could read this tag and display the corresponding icon. I would make things a little easier to differentiate between the devices. Now I have to have a separate groups for the same Customer (Customer - Servers and Customer - Workstations). One group per customer would make it easier the flip through the app.
  20. GTDFW

    Windows Updates

    If I have a workstation configured to Download updates but let me choose when to install them, and I then use Pulseway to Check for updates. If the updates are already downloaded will Pulseway just install them or will it re-download the updates and then install them?
  21. Same thing happening to my Mac installs the PC Monitor is running by nothing is happening. I hover over the icon in the top bar and get the spinning ball. Any fix yet.
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