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  1. FreeBSD support would be great!
  2. I haven't seen to many updates or big improvments ( not that we have any issues ) but wondering if anything new may be coming soon? Things we use I would love to see 3CX Phone system Veeam Backup Cloud Berry Backup
  3. How do I go about updating to the latest version of ENTERPRISE On Premise, do I need to also update the clients and is there a simple built-in way to do this if needed or is it needed?
  4. What version is supported or is v6 now supported? We want to install eset to test. This is the only av pulseway supports? A chose of 3 or 4 other good ones would be nice.
  5. I may be missing this but is there a report to show up time be it 100% or 10% would be nice to know and show customers.
  6. Installed the 64 bit version on windows 2008R2 never been installed before and I got http://puu.sh/k3r0P/7e0486f299.png Error 1001. The specified service already exists I also got it on another system had to remove a bunch of stuff in regedit rebooted and reinstalled but getting this again on another system. Is this a known issue and is there a easy work around? EDIT: I found the answer should have searched sorry first post. You can delete this.
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