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  1. Would rather have it the other way around, a desktop app and the web as a general portal....Web apps always seem to have limitations.... As if I stay with the product after the trial how will that affect On-Premise customers?
  2. I know this has probably been brought up a few times but IMO you guys really need to develop a complete standalone package for the PC. Maybe I've been spoiled by having everything integrated like Labtechs desktop package. But it makes life so much easier then bouncing back and forth between Dashboard and the web portal.
  3. Ok, support is working on this. Partial user error here lol. As we're on Enterprise you see the Enterprise Server isn't ticked, but looks like our server instance is borked up as we get what looks like an error related to an issue with the server instance....
  4. So following the directions it's pretty odd. Installed the Agent/Desktop Manager on a test server and this is what I'm getting... Cannot validate, though the service starts anyway (I though in the directions it said machines wont populate unless the service is started and the service won't start unless validation is complete. All I'm getting is a constant username/password error. Even after password resets. Current passwords on 2 different accounts allow me to login into everything else, Dashboard etc...Go figure... So yeah, no idea what the deal is here.... Regards,
  5. That's very limiting it seems....So basically what it seems is I have to pay what looks like an extra $500 for say 5 extra tech accounts a year as well as another $1440 for to actually run multiple remote sessions. Am I correct in this? I hate to say it that's almost as bad as the Labtech nickel and diming we're getting now.
  6. Appreciate the response, a absolutely huge concern is remote connectivity. I'm assuming is it has basic screenconnect/teamviewer like functionality in addition to RDP etc...The video on connectivity seemed lacking in info lol...Like how many sessions can be open at once per tech etc.... Regards, Joe W
  7. Have been using Labtech for a few years but it's becoming way to expensive and are looking for options, I know right off the bat no matter where we go we'll be probably losing a lot of features. But some features we don't use. Some questions.. 1.In house server reliability with regards to the software itself. Is the in-house implementation reliable? Assuming hardware/OS are in good shape. 2.Agent reliability with regards to checkins? 3.Monitor reliability giving accurate information? 4.Most importantly is remote session reliability, and multiple remote session support. I'm
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