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  1. Give clients access to RDP

    We're on the MSP plan and believe this is particularly applicable to this market segment.
  2. We are an MSP, and it would be great if we could give our clients remote desktop access to their systems. A username/password combination that only had permissions to a specific machine and no access to the dashboard or agent.
  3. Mobile Device Management

    I know this post is a bit dated but I would like to +1 it. MAX Focus RMM or whatever its called these days had similar features. We don't need complete control over mobile devices, but would be great if we could perform a remote wipe and possibly GPS track. Nice to haves would be an installed App list and screen capture.
  4. It would be nice if we could view a global list of software with number of installations, and could uninstall software from that list. Or simply uninstall by group, similar to how the Windows Update feature works.
  5. RepairShopr PSA Integration

    We also use RepairShopr and would love to see integration.
  6. Auto detect SNMP Settings form Device

    We would also love this! The eye candy alone would be a great sales tactic.
  7. Graphs for SNMP

    We use SNMP to monitor network devices. It would be awesome if we could setup a line or bar graph for SNMP queries so that we can graph the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth of routers and switches. Also, if the integer output could have commas, it would be easier to read higher number values (readouts are often in KB). Another great thing would be SNMP based alerts. So we could set a min/max value for SNMP to trigger an alert. IE, if the router goes about 80% CPU usage for 5 cycles.