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I am not a technical, computer-savy person. I am unable to get this to work. I may not have configured correctly where the computer name and server (default or dedicated) is concerned. I am attempting to use my Acer A500 tablet to remotely operate my Windows PC running XP SP3 as a music server (connected to the internet).

Please help me.


Carl Espy

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If you haven't get the PC Monitor Enterprise Server you don't need to enter a dedicated server. Simply enter the username and password of the account you created.

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Also I would like to add that there is a User Manual available to download just in case you find something you are not sure how it works.

You can download it for free from here.

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Following on from reading the quick step guide, I have completed 'my' profile, and in so doing, I have noticed "Subscription expires on Tuesday, November 26, 2013"... if the app/service is free to non-commercial users, why is there an expiriration date notice? Will usage of the service cease at or on that date for a reason I have not understood?


Could it be that when I entered 'Home use only' in the 'Organisation' field the system assumes any entry [and sign up of that entry] is a 'commercial' concern?


Removing 'Home use only' does not effect the expiration notification. I did not observe if the expiration date notice was displayed prior to entering 'Home use only' in the 'Organisation' field after saving the updated profile... I obviously wasn't paying sufficient attention.


Please advise.


Many thanks.



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When you created an account we also activated a trial subscription so you can test all the features.

Once that trial subscription expires you will still be able to monitor and manage up to 5 systems for non-commercial use.


As for commercial use, see the Terms of Service. If you monitor and manage more than one Windows Server it is considered commercial use.


Hope this helps.

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