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See existing client tickets when opening a new ticket.

Gary Haberl

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We would like to see the last few tickets for a client when entering a new ticket.

When a client calls, we ask if they have a ticket, we start a new ticket and help the client.  We find that we end up with multiple duplicate tickets for the same issue.  (ie. Client sends in a ticket via email, then calls the service desk as they are in a rush.)

In other ticket systems we have used, when entering a ticket, we get a popup showing the last X (normally 5) tickets for that company and user.

Ie.  We enter the company name, the popup (side bar) shows the last 5 tickets for this company.

Ie. Then when we choose the user we are working with, the popup (side bar) filters the company showing only the tickets for this specific user.

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On 12/16/2021 at 5:35 AM, Jamie Taylor said:

Hey @Gary Haberl, thanks for your valuable inputs again, please feel free to add your requests to our product roadmap page. Thank you!

Thank you Jamie,

I did add my 2 suggestions to that site, and now I can not find them.  Is there a process I need to go through to be authorized to post to this site, or is there a way to search for my requests.  I did use the search and cant find them.


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