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Search and move Scripts

Jamie Taylor

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@Jamie Taylor - I can't see this change in our environment!


We're using Pulseway OnPrem (8.7.3 build 709 release 307) and my experience is that OnPrem customers always have to wait several months (not weeks) for new updates. We still haven't benefitted from the 8.7.4 update that was published in july, and this is NOT a first time occurence. 


You guys need to improve the update workflow significantly, otherwise we'll have to move to another RMM provider. The development time frame for requested features in itself is extremely slow, and then having to wait even longer for the update to be applied is frankly ridiculous.

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Thanks to the team for the ability to move scripts. This is very handy for if we re-org how we have our scripts setup, or if we have a "testing/indevelopment" folder, being able to just move the script vs copy paste, clone is super handy ESPECIALLY if the script involves custom fields. 



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