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Hi Francis,

The thing with bandwidth monitoring is that you have to perform speedtests every now and then which cause further bandwidth utilization and will chew up your data depending on how often you're using it. I am considering on writing a plugin for this as it's a commonly request feature too.


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Hi Paul, what about just monitoring the network card bandwidth (Local System), collect info every X min and pass it back to Pulseway. 


Francis, We use Zabbix for monitoring bandwidth on systems (and other monitoring) that we can map and chart for clients (bandwidth, disk usage, logins, CPU Usage, Memory load, etc).  And it takes far less traffic back to our server than Pulseway does. We have set the system to keep 1 year of info so we can chart it any time for clients.  We find it very useful when reporting back to clients.

Just a thought.


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