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Client Portal User Authentication Choices/Azure AD

Matt Wilson

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Thanks for all the work you guys are doing to make PSA usable in a production environment. I love the latest improvements. 

I have a priority request regarding Client Portal authentication. I see that AuthAnvil is supported. Can you guys please look at adding 365 Azure AD integration as well? There is no way my client end-users are going to remember a separate password for their PSA login to open and view tickets. We really want to push them to it, but its not going be useful. I image that Azure AD would be the most common platform for most companies.  

In the meantime, can we have a way to manually set a secure password for each user for Client Portal? A work around would be to set a secure password for each user and then distribute it to the users.  

Without one of these options, we just don't see the Client Portal for end users accessible.

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  • Staff

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to integrate the Pulseway PSA with 365 Azure AD.

Currently the Pulseway PSA is integrated with  AuthAnvil and in the coming release we will be supporting SAML 2.0 in order to use systems similar to AuthAnvil example: OKTA (https://www.okta.com/)

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