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  1. We had a user who somehow got upgraded to Windows 11 over the weekend. She swears she didn't click on the update to 11 icon in the taskbar. In Pulseway, our patch policy she is assigned is set to install all updates including Optional. When I look on my Win10 laptop under Windows Updates > Optional, Win 11 is in the list. Does this mean users will get upgraded? If so, everyone needs to be aware. Pulseway, anything in the works to block this? I'm not afraid of 11, I just want to roll it out in a more managed way esp since we have to upgrade SSLVPN client after upgrade to 11.
  2. Why would blocking 21H2 block Windows 11? 21H2 is just a Win 10 Feature update.
  3. When opening a ticket for PSA related issues, the support experience is very frustrating. The front-line techs seem to to have limited in-depth knowledge of PSA advanced features and always report they will reach out to back-end PSA team. The replies take days and often the original issue was completely lost in handoff. Is there a better route to access timely and helpful assistance for PSA (not RMM) related issues?
  4. Hey guys, the new QuickBooks Sync app now supports a "default" sales tax code. That helps slightly except, we have multiple tax codes depending on location of the customer. How do we map the PSA sales tax item to the matching Quickbooks Sales Tax code? This is really basic stuff anyone using the QB sync tool would need to do. I also just sent in a support ticket.
  5. I've spent an hour trying to figure this out. I am setting up billing automation and it seems to be mostly working except that previously posted SO's are not being invoiced. What am I missing?
  6. Hey @Chris and/or @Paul, can one of you chime in here on this. I've been waiting for months for this to be addressed. Its having a major impact on productivity. We have to manually change every single invoice in Quickbooks that comes from PSA. This is really a bug imo, not a feature request. What good is the QB sync tool if it can't pass on sales tax correctly? When I opened a support ticket on this I was told it would be added to a future release. Can you guys confirm it is actually a known issue and is on the list somewhere? I'm surprised that there aren't others commenting on it here.
  7. Not sure where to file this. I thought there was a PSA area, but I don't see it tonight. In PSA ticket details I see a section called "Duplicate Alarm" I can't find any reference for this in help or user guide. What is this and how does it work?
  8. Perfect example you posted. Its so annoying on every ticket.
  9. So after all of that, I realized it doesn't really work either, because the URL above requires the user to enter my company name. Serious bug issue. I have changed the URL to my company specific login url which includes my logo and no need to enter company name, but it won't take them directly to the ticket once logged in. Pulseway guys...are you aware of this?
  10. I beat my head with this for a few hours tonight, so I wanted to post here in case anyone else needs it. I am doing some custom html using css to make some kick ass email templates. I wanted to place the ticket url into the html but not show the link and control the hover link formatting. When I used [%Ticket URL%] in an existing <a href...blah blah blah> tag, it doesn't just insert the URL, it inserts its own entire href tag with the URL as the display text thus breaking the link. When I finally woke up, I realized to do this in your own custom html, you need to build the href link manually using the psa url and adding the [%Ticket ID%] field at the end. My finished code line looks like this: <a style="color: #8db9e3;" href="https://psa.pulseway.com/MSP/TicketEdit.aspx?ID=[%Ticket ID%]"><span style="color:#adb3b9">Click here to open in Support Portal</span></a> Hope this helps someone.
  11. Hey guys, I use Notes in PSA tickets to communicate with end users thus keeping all communication in PSA and out of email/Outlook. My email templates use the reply separator field. However, when the end user replies, I still get the text header information that Outlook inserts above the reply separator. Other email parsing platforms I've used before don't have this issue. I think its because the parser can understand Outlook's reply separator/original message divider. Can you guys address this? Here is an example of what I see in my replies:
  12. Hey guys, I'm sure you guys a swamped with the v6 release, I'm sure it will be one of the biggest leaps forward ever. I'm holding off on onboarding a new client to Pulseway because I don't want to do it twice. Any rough idea about when the release will come out? Is there a beta or RTM version available? Last post in fearure requests forum in mid-August said 2 weeks til release. Just curious where it is now? Thanks, you guys rock!
  13. Thanks David. I looked into SI Portal tonight. Looks good, but expensive. Worth it if its powerful and mobile friendly though. MMSoft Staff...note on SI Portals website about PSA integrations they are working on: For PSAs we import companies, contacts, and configurations. Autotask integration is two way, syncing data in both directions. ConnectWise the integration is one way until the start of Q2/2018. We are working on Atera and TigerPaw Integration. Maybe Pulseway Integration, or better yet a builtin feature in PSA thats included in PSA license?? How much do others need this. I am really feeling the pressure on this lately.
  14. I swore I already created this feature req, but I can't find it anywhere here, so forgive me if this is duplicating. I see OKTA was added as a SSO option with latest PSA release. Is there anything on roadmap for O365/Azure SSO? I want to drive clients' users to the customer portal, but they are just not going to remember another password. It needs to have O365 authentication. This is having a major productivity impact on opened service tickets, because otherwise users just email help ticket requests and often do not provide all needed information. Another option to to create some sort of client specific Submit help ticket webpage that has all required fields. For other PSA users out there, how to you handle user submitted help tickets and proper data collection for the help ticket?
  15. I have a support ticket where I asked this question and got a reply that it could be looked at in the future. Just placing it here to ensure it gets put on Feature request list and so others can comment. When sales tax is added to invoice in PSA then synced to Quickbooks via PSA QB SYNC, it defaults to sales tax code G. In Canada, G is GST @ 5% by default (and correctly so) out of the box. H is for HST is dependent on province. In my case, HST at 13% is setup in PSA, but when the invoice syncs over to Quickbooks, it imports/syncs as tax code G (at 5%). I have to edit EVERY SINGLE INVOICE.I just need to tell PSA to use a defined sales tax code when syncing to QB. I would consider this more of a bug than a feature. What's the point of automation if you have to go back and edit everything? Connected...I sync invoices over to QB so I can use my custom invoice template. Its been said elsewhere, but we REALLY need a way to edit/create our own HIGH QUALITY professional and modern looking invoices in PSA. No offense, but the few invoice templates that exist look horrible. As always, I appreciate all you guys are doing and know you are swamped with current RD and RMM centralized rollout. Keep up the good work!
  16. Great to see was released. Thanks guys!
  17. Been a few weeks since I checked in. Thanks Paul for the feedback. These 2 options are huge developments I'm willing to chill on the other stuff. I would love to not have to renew my Splashtop subscriptions next year if the RD solution becomes competitive. Also, if you need a test group, I have a new client that I am onboarding in next 2 weeks of about 50 end points and servers. I am going to hold off on PSA rollout till new version is available to use.
  18. +1 to most of these. These are small details, but when you live all day in PSA, they make a HUGE difference, particularly these Default Settings.
  19. Paul/Chris, Is it possible to update the roadmap soon? It would be great if it could have both minor approved feature requests, not just big items. Its been since April since the last time it was updated. Thanks!
  20. +1 on this as well. This would be a powerful addition.
  21. Hey guys, I am aware that I can add an invoice-wide discount, but we really need a way to invoice line items. The only work around is to generate multiple invoices when you don't want the discount to apply to entire invoice. I want customer's to see the actual normal price, I don't just want to edit the extended price. Also, I like the new billing automation feature. But we also need to a way to add a (hopefully future line item) discount to the billing automation. We generally offer a discount on recurring flat fee services for the first 6 or 12 months of the term, and I need a way to put this in so that I don't have to manually change everything on each invoice after it is generated and/or exported to QB like I do now. Manual invoicing is such a time waster. As always, Thanks so much!!
  22. I had a big issue today where replies from clients were not adding the reply as a note, but instead creating a new ticket altogether. In the end, there were 2 causes. 1) In the default PSA email templates, the Ticket number was set as #Ticket No#. This looks really weird in my opinion, when referring to a ticket number its generally "Ticket Number" or "#Ticket Number". I had removed the trailing # on most of the templates. I searched the knowledge base and forums and there was no mention, so it was only through trial and error that I realized that you HAVE to have both # at front and end of ticket number for replies to work. 2) In some templates, I removed the Ticket number all together as it really had no purpose. I would much rather use a Subject line like: "A note has been added to your ticket regarding [%Ticket Title%]" Again, through trial and error I realized for replies to work the ticket number (formatted per 1 above) must be included in the subject. There was another forum post from someone having issues with replies on CC's. In that thread they thought the same thing I did, that adding the Reply Separator field in the message body had all the needed coding to enable replies to the ticket. I am posting this for anyone else who may be searching for this and to also request that header info be embedded in the Reply Separator field so that it is all that is needed to enable replies as notes back to the originating ticket. Also, some documentation on this feature and associated troubleshooting may be a good knowledge base article to post.
  23. I've mentioned this to the sales team before, not sure if its on your list or not. One of the reasons I like PSA so much is because of its good UX. Its a good looking console. It appears that a lot of time has gone into the visual design. However, in most free form text boxes the default font is the horrible Times New Roman, a serif font when the rest of the system uses non-serif fonts. Even in text boxes that you can change the font, the default is still Times New Roman and its a pain to constantly highlight the text and change it. Also, there are numerous text boxes where you cannot set the font. Times New Roman is the font that appears in the time log and note entries at the bottom of the main ticket page too. I know it may seem like a small issue, but it really affects the professional appearance of the system.
  24. Can you guys please expand the space allowed in Email template subject lines? We are frequently limited in what fields we can put in the subject due to limited space.
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