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Move Database - Required Connection String

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we'd like to move our pcmonitor database from the current SQL Server (2014 Standard) in one Domain to another SQL Server (2016 Enterprise) in a different domain. The Pulseway Enterprise/Admin Server won't change and is already a member of the target domain.

As far as I remember the process would be:

  1. Stop Pulseway Services
  2. Backup DB on old SQL Server
  3. Create SQL Login for the Service on the new SQL Server
  4. Restore DB on new SQL Server
  5. Edit the connectionstring in the Registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor Admin\DatabaseConnectionString)
    1. The connection string is encrypted - what would be the required format?
  6. Edit the connectionstring in the Hosting folder for the follwing web.config files
    1. ..\Hosting\Service\web.config
  7. Start Pulseway Services

Did I miss anything important? If not, all I'd need would be the format of the connectionstring in the registry :)

Cheers, Jonathan

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Hi Johny,

You simply need to update the connection string in the Admin\PCMonitorAdmin.exe.config and Service\web.config.

And then if you will open the app, then it will update the database connection string in the registry.

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Thanks for the tip - would've been quite easy but sadly I get a fatal error:



The target SQL Server resides on a Windows Server 2016 - maybe that's a new one?

I don't see any failed login attempts in the target SQL Server's Error Logs nor any errors regarding this process in the Windows Event Log.

With SQLCMD the Connection succeeds and I can query tables.

Any ideas?


Edit: After some thinking - Server 2016 out of the box has different cipher suites and protocols active than 2012R2 and I have the idea to run IISCrypto (https://www.nartac.com/Products/IISCrypto) on the SQL Server and to try best-practices but it would be better if someone knows what to (de-)activate ;)

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Idea about Server 2016 - Cipher/Crypto

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Hi Johnny,

Use IIS Crypto to set the same cipher suite from one server to another. The error says that the SQL Server has no matching SSL ciphers / protocols with the source machine.


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Thanks for the confirmation Paul!

I've snapshotted the server (just in case), applied IISCrypto Best-Practices and restarted.

The (previously) only database on the server and the corresponding application still work and the Pulseway database server switch went without a hitch.

Thanks everyone!

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