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  1. Hello dear Pulseway team, today I noticed that the navigation with the keyboard is inconsistent (or at least it felt a bit off) when adding notifications for Performance Counters. The numbers indicate the next option each time i pressed Tab. Cycling through the menu works fine, but "Cancel" (2) as the second option, when starting from "Name:" (1) seems wrong. Maybe remove the description (4) as a target for Tab-cycling? Also I noticed that Ctrl+Backspace (delete whole preceding word) doesn't work in here, it just adds rectangle (symbol) to the text. Behaves the sa
  2. Today I saw that it started working again on the 3rd of October out of the blue. I didn't notice until today beacause for us the Slack integration is a kind of fallback to E-Mail and the App.
  3. We have the Slack integration enabled but 2 days ago we stopped receiving notifications. When sending a test message from the integration settings the following message appears. The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element. I've also disabled and re-enabled the integration to no avail. The wording suggests that the problem is on the remote side of things. Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated. Cheers, Joker
  4. Hello, me and my colleague switched to a P30 Lite and we too can't enable PUSH Notifications on that phone. I've read that the EMUI power saving features make it hard, but it just won't. The Device is approved and registered and the notifications settings in the app are enabled, the power saving options have been disabled (run in background etc.) but still no dice. We also deleted the old device, dis- and reenabled Push on the account settings. At the moment the device is running Android 9 although it should get Android 10 ... somehow. I'll update when I find something. Do y
  5. How didn't I notice this before?! This is great and I feel a little dumb, thank you
  6. Hey, I'd also second this. It would be great if we were able to select different notification sounds for critical/important/elevated/normal levels. Jonathan
  7. Thanks for the confirmation Paul! I've snapshotted the server (just in case), applied IISCrypto Best-Practices and restarted. The (previously) only database on the server and the corresponding application still work and the Pulseway database server switch went without a hitch. Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks for the tip - would've been quite easy but sadly I get a fatal error: The target SQL Server resides on a Windows Server 2016 - maybe that's a new one? I don't see any failed login attempts in the target SQL Server's Error Logs nor any errors regarding this process in the Windows Event Log. With SQLCMD the Connection succeeds and I can query tables. Any ideas? Edit: After some thinking - Server 2016 out of the box has different cipher suites and protocols active than 2012R2 and I have the idea to run IISCrypto (https://www.nartac.com/Products/
  9. Hello, we'd like to move our pcmonitor database from the current SQL Server (2014 Standard) in one Domain to another SQL Server (2016 Enterprise) in a different domain. The Pulseway Enterprise/Admin Server won't change and is already a member of the target domain. As far as I remember the process would be: Stop Pulseway Services Backup DB on old SQL Server Create SQL Login for the Service on the new SQL Server Restore DB on new SQL Server Edit the connectionstring in the Registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor Admin\DatabaseConnectionString)
  10. Hey, it seems the Download Link (and the Page hosting it) is down?!
  11. Isn't this the Linux Subforum? I just came here and had a good laugh when I read HKLM Where is the ComputerIdentifier for Linux Agents? regards, Jonathan EDIT: Found it! Please delete the /var/pulseway/pulseway.id and restart the Pulseway daemon.
  12. Okay, so I basically picked the wrong role Works like a charm now.
  13. Hello dear friends of monitoring We're using SQL 2014 Enterprise Edition in production and it seems I can't setup the SQL Server Module. It's a named Instance and Connection Tests succeed. I've tried with Windows Authentication (Service runs as Local System) and a dedicated SQL Login with serveradmin role (not using a Domain Account there) but it shows the same behaviour. Also I have installed "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Objects (x64)" (Version 10.50.1600.1) and "Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types (x64)" (Version 10.50.1600.1) but there are also the x86 Vers
  14. +1 on the mountpoints and storage events Our new MS SQL Server will utilize mountpoints instead of drive letters which we would like to monitor with Pulseway. kind regards edit: My workaround for this is to setup System\Performance Counter for each Mountpoint found under "Logical Disk" just for viewing purposes and alerts through Notifications/Counters following the same procedure and additionally defining the treshold there. It's not as dynamic and easy to setup as the Harddisk Monitoring.
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