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LDAP Integration & Web Portal Ticket for End User

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My company has been testing out PSA/RMM systems for about a year now. Hands down Pulseway has been the BEST, however it's looking likely we are NOT going to be using PW because you don't have 2 simple features MOST others have. LDAP Integration is CRITICAL for our end users & security. We want to seriously "DUMB IT DOWN" for them. Emails DO NOT ACCOMPLISH THIS. On a constant basis no matter how much training they (end Users) get, they more often than not send emails like "It doesn't work." or "I got an error." 

Asking for further details beyond that kinda makes me wish I had become a dentist cause pulling teeth would probably be easier. For the same reason as stated above a web based ticket portal where we can control the "REQUIRED" fields would be amazing. This would give us the information we need to triage the incident and respond appropriately. We are looking for a system that makes us pro-active not re-active. Furthermore with the above LDAP integration some fields can be automatically populated like workstation and User (cause yes some people don't know how to spell their own name at times). With this Web Portal Ticket System we can make an easy button or desktop icon they can get right to without having to hunt for it. 

In summery:  LDAP Integration and Web Based Ticket Portal. This could have made us customers for a very long time. 

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LDAP integration is on our todo list but we don't have any ETAs for it as it's not part of our immediate roadmap.

Regarding web based ticketing system - Have you tried to use the Pulseway PSA? Please check this PSA demo.


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On 6/2/2017 at 4:20 AM, Chris said:

LDAP integration is on our todo list but we don't have any ETAs for it as it's not part of our immediate roadmap.

Regarding web based ticketing system - Have you tried to use the Pulseway PSA? Please check this PSA demo.


PSA doesn't have a ticketing system for the EU. A simple web page the EU can pull up or a combination of keyboard keys, like Ctrl+F12 for example, to bring up a page with a screenshot of their desktop to show the error they (the end user) are dealing with. You have that text box for the active agent, but most end users don't even know there is a clock in the corner let alone how to see/get to the active agent. Also that agent isn't available in Windows 8.1. So that eliminates a point of contact for our EU's. 

Furthermore our EU's are simple. So when it comes to filing out a SR (Service Request) they won't put in any details unless forced to. With that above stated agent box... we would have 30 - 50 tickets with, "it doesn't work" for the SR. We need to have a way to force them to give us information. Like Mandatory Fields. So we know what software, ERP, workstation, server, process, etc.and who is making this SR (where LDAP comes in). Also having auto screenshots makes this even better (cause most EU's don't know how to take one on a desktop). 

Pulseway PSA is clunky and not modular on top of this. Now it's not an issue to work around, however, no EU submitted ticketing it's kinda useless. Attached is a sample of a system we are using. I have removed their names so no promotion for them. 

Help Desk Arrival.....PNG

Incident Page....PNG

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