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Michel van Son

Error occurred with Remote Desktop

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Dear all,

I've been trying to connect to my costumer but I had to resort to teamviewer (Ugh) because everytime I try to take over a computer I'm greeted with this error:

screenshot error.png

The eventlog's are clean, the agent has been configured to allow remote desktop (downloaded additional components), the computer shows as online in my Pulseway Remote desktop manager.

I tried this from both my laptop and my desktop, both are running Pulseway Remote desktop Version 5.0.0 build 124
Server is running 5.0.1 build 203 release 221 with a nice SHA2 certificate.
Clients are also running 5.0.0 build 124

The error occurs when trying to connect to whichever computer.

Does it at least blurt out the exact error message anywhere in a log file or so ? This tells me absolutely nothing...

Can you guys help ?

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I've been trying some more and now I'm on a different internet connection and I'm getting the following result:
It now hangs on "Connected. Waiting for a screen update" and I can leave it like that all day.

Please do get back to me on this.

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Is the computer connected to a docking station? (we have a known issue with docking stations at this time)

If not, enable the diagnostic logging from the Pulseway Manager app in the Settings -> Diagnostics tab, attempt the RD connection again and once you get the error post the output of the rd_agent.log from the Pulseway installation directory on the agent side.


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We found  disabling the user agent in Pulseway Manager and reenabing remote desktop worked.

Open Pulseway Manager
Select Settings Tab | Select Runtime Tab | check Disable User Agent, click on Apply

Then go to System Tab, Select Remote Desktop and check Enable Remote Desktop again. Apply.

That worked for us.

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