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Custom graphs

Michel van Son

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As far as I know, all major monitoring systems have the ability to customize graphs...

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, a screenshot of my installation of Zabbix. It's by far not as pretty as pulseway but the ability to customize the timeframe of the graph is sometime I frequently use.

Would it be possible to create an extra menu item called "Graphs"
When we click on that, I'd like to se a list of devices I'm monitoring in the middle pane. Clicking on a computer would then give me all the sensors that have (historical) data  in the right pane.

Ofcourse, clicking on a sensor opens a graph with a customizable timeframe so that I can see for example the hard disk usage over a period of  6 months so that I can predict when the disk will be full.

Would this be at all possible?

Thank you very much!


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