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Mobile Device Management

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It would be nice to see some basic mobile device management features for iOS and Android in pulseway
Options: Ring device in max volume, Locate Device on map, Factory wipe device when it's next online, Lock Device, Unlock Device, Require screen lock, Remove screen-lock, and possibly capture from camera on invalid unlock code...


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I know this post is a bit dated but I would like to +1 it.  MAX Focus RMM or whatever its called these days had similar features.  We don't need complete control over mobile devices, but would be great if we could perform a remote wipe and possibly GPS track.  Nice to haves would be an installed App list and screen capture.

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Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

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    • By Daniel Messer
      At the moment we use Windows Dashboard 5.1.2 to monitor configured systems during office hours.
      As not all customers are under the same SLA, we don't need all notifications at all times. Outside office hours our support staff is mobile and would like to use Pulseway Android App to receive notifications on problematic systems. But unfortunately there is no option to include or exclude groups, tags, roles or scopes. And there is no way to tell the app just to show critical notifications.
      Are these features already planned for a future release of Android App?
    • By DigitalDentist
      I have Pulseway configured on 60 servers all at different locations. I'm waiting to deploy to the workstations until I get it configured just right. My question is: is there a way to get a list of installed programs across all devices? Say I need to know what version of chrome is installed on all the devices, to gauge which ones need updated etc -how would I go about doing that if it's possible?
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      It would be nice if instead of only by date or severity we could sort notifications by type. All low disk space alerts, all server offline etc.
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      With MS Sql 2017 bringing official Linux server support for SUSE, Ubuntu, Redhat and others we really need the sql server module ported to Linux
    • By cjs1976
      I would like more option for the automatic maintenance mode. At the moment there are only weekdays and hours.
      It would be cool to:
      1. Be able to mark faster and not only field by field.
      2. Be able to not only have hours.
      3. Have the possiblity to use official hollidays and hollidays for the customer himself (one time from till like in Outlook).
      4. Exeptions for the maintenance mode. For example: one hour after the office closes, the computer makes a backup, and a shutdown after the backup. I go on maintenance mode when the comany closes, because I don't know how long the backup task will need. I don't want the information if the computer goes down, but I need information from backup errors, antivirus and so on.