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New machines not appearing in app

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Pulseway was setup by someone who has now left and I have installed the client upon multiple computers and servers which all appear within Pulseway manager / Manage systems and in the pulseway dashboard but none appear within the mobile app nor within the webapp.  I have obviously missed something, but what?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address...

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    • By amol
      How do i uninstall one Antivirus from all workstation through pulseway.. then install new one. is there any script available Or do i need to make one and is there any option to push that script through CMD on all workstation ?? Please let me know all available option to perform this task.. thank you..
    • By Mr_JimWest
      I would like to move away from using TeamViewer. LTT was just advertising Pulseway, I thought I would try it out. I installed the Remote Control Desktop client (6.6.3) and the Dashboard client (6.5.1), and proceeded to set up an organization, group, site, and policy. Then I downloaded the "Agent" client to the desktop I would like to be able to remote into. I installed, registered my product, assigned it to my  group, and checked the "Enable Remote Control" box.
      I was under the impression this is all I had to do.
      Although both the Remote Control Desktop and Dashboard show the computer, I'm unable to "Start Remote Control Session". It's grayed out. Interestingly, I am able to view all of the system specs, and even successfully restart the computer via the website!
      What might I be doing wrong?
      Thank you for your time!
    • By justinmwright
      Sorry, I am new.  Perhaps this has been answered and I just cant find it.
      Right now, there are tickets created for every notification from the RMM.
      I don't need tickets for all of these notifications, only certain ones.  Like machine is off would be good for a ticket.  but not CPU usage over 90%.
      How do I change which RMM notifications create tickets?   I started tinkering with workflow and business process...but I only see how to turn off rmm integration.
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      I m in Germany and want to access american Netflix to watch popular TV shoes and movies which are only available on US Netflix so how do people do it? Should one use DNS codes or are there other alternatives? Which particular service do we use and can you recommend it?
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