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More that one notification per plugin?

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Is it somehow possible to generate more individual notifications from the same plugin, without using allowMultipleNotifications.

It is not hard to imagine that a plugin would have to monitor two or more individual values.

If it is not possible, consider this a feature request :-)

Best Regards,

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Hi Martin,

This got released in yesterday's Windows Agent 5.3 release. Documentation is yet to be updated but you should find a new overload for the SendNotificationToAllDevices method with the new PCMonitorClient.dll.


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Hi Paul.

Can you help me to find the documentation for different notifications?


void SendNotificationToAllDevices(string message, NotificationPriority priority, bool allowMultipleNotifications = false)
"After one notification is sent you can send another one only after the first one is deleted using a client application, unless allowMultipleNotifications is true."

I need the default option (without allowMultipleNotifications) to work with different notifications.

I guess it should be possible to add som kind of notification_id.

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There is an overload that includes the notificationIdentifier. If the notificationIdentifier it's passed it will tell you if you can send another notification with that non-repeating notification identifier:



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