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Enhance graphs in the apps


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Please enhance the graphs that are generated in the applications. For instance, the network graph does not even specify the time scale at the bottom (See image attached). It should also have the ability to scale the graph to look at different time ranges. 

Also it would be nice to be able to see a graph of things like the performance counters. We are loving just about everything about PulseWay at our company, the biggest wish here though is to be able to see historical information over time in graphs for the various monitored metrics. This is a pretty standard feature of every other monitoring product on the market, please bring it to PulseWay!



Ryan Waldron

Senior Systems Engineer

Intelity Hospitality Solutions


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  • Staff

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the Pulseway community and thank you for your feedback. You can enable the chart data collection for performance counters from the Pulseway Manager -> System -> Performance Counters at the bottom of the view:


We agree that our charts need some sort of a time scale, this is going to be supported in the future.


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It would be very nice If all the graphs, would have some more retention time - like lets say 30 days. :)

I know that you as a cloud serve don't want to collect to much data, but it could be an Enterpise Server feauture, or the data could be keept at the agent.

It would also we great if we could compare different legends on the same graph. This could be a mini performance monitor availability on the Enterprise Server website, like the notification history.

Best Regards,


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