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Feature Request: Report detailed uptime/downtime


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Dear Team,

Pulseway is popular for monitoring current status of servers/services,- now our management asks for a report listing
not only xx% uptime for each server,- but also includes date/time and duration for each downtime per server,-
how/When can Pulseway deliver such a report ?



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I agree with Martin - that would be really useful.

In the meantime Chris - is there an explanation of how the uptime is calculated anywhere ?  i.e. whats the frequency of the check and is there any threshold of downtime that needs to be exceeded to count as downtime



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Hi James,

A system is considered as offline when you receive the offline notification. For the Professional product that is about 10 minutes after the agent stops communicating with the Pulseway Cloud Servers and for the Enterprise product this interval can be customized.


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