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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for that can you point me at the pricing and feature comparison please? And where does Pro and MSP fit in ? Thanks
  2. "The paid Team plan is designed for MSPs and IT departments and offers a collaborative environment with multi-account management, Remote Control and additional features such as Audit Log, White Labelling and much more. The Team plan starts from 20 endpoints. The Starter plan allows 2 free endpoints and maximum up to 19 endpoints." How does this work please - is there a pricing difference ? What happens when you buy your 20th licence - do you automatically move to a Team licence ? Many Thanks
  3. We have a Heuristic warning be shown up in various places - always for the same file. Its been tested against a large number of AV engines and come up clean so pretty sure its a false positive. HEUR:Trojan.MSIL.Crypt.gen How do we report this to Kaspersky to get them to fix it? It seems that as it is bought through you we have no direct way of contacting them - is that correct? Thanks
  4. Done - please confirm you have received OK. For others - it appears that disabling Self defense is a work around Thanks
  5. Something has changed in Kaspersky client version - It is blocking the edit of a config file in the Users Apddata local folder - causing the app to crash This works with earlier versions of Kaspersky ( Excluding folders and applications etc makes no difference. The only thing that works is to reboot the server - having told Kasperksy not to run at all - then all is fine. Help please ! Thanks
  6. It is now nearly the end of March - I can't see the report yet - is it still planned for the end of this Month? Thanks
  7. Hi, I've just installed this on a server as a test - all seemed to go very smoothly - and looks like a nice integrated solution. Slight issue in that I tested with EICAR virus (which it reported nicely ..) But to delete the notification in Kaspersky on the server I need a username and pwd - I tried my pulseway one - it says default user name is KLAdmin But so far I've not found a combination that works ! Thanks James
  8. That was it thanks. That setting is machine specific correct ?
  9. Hi, I've tried starting / stopping VMs from both the web app and the android app. In both cases I see e.g. Start command sent - but the VM never starts. Is there some permission setting I have failed to make ? Thanks
  10. Hi, This report fails for us (though eh legacy report on IPs works OK) - is there some setting we need to make ? It says Failed Status No data for the monitored network interfaces has been collected yet. Error Thanks
  11. Just done a search and seen that this topic has been coming up regularly for a couple of years now. Are there really concrete plans to add this in a future release or is just an idea ? I'd add my vote to this being high priority as well - as for us its starting to seriously reduce the usefulness of what is otherwise a very good tool. As we are monitoring more and more servers we are finding that occasionally the critical notifications are getting buried in amongst other notifications that are useful to log - but not critical. I'd like to see a way on the android app a way to only be notified of critical notifications. I'd also like to be able to see a way of flagging emails generated from critical notifications as important so they stand out (if there is a way to do this please let me know!) Thanks
  12. I agree with Martin - that would be really useful. In the meantime Chris - is there an explanation of how the uptime is calculated anywhere ? i.e. whats the frequency of the check and is there any threshold of downtime that needs to be exceeded to count as downtime Thanks
  13. Hi, We have recently moved our email servers - and the sysadmin@ourdomain.com address that all our notifications get sent to no longer works. If I change that address to anything else it works That address works fine from anywhere else (inside and outside domain) There may have been a hiccup on that address during the migration (it took a wile to get created on new system) - so I am wondering if you block addresses at your end in some way if they receive too many NDRs? If so how do we get it unblocked please. I can't think of any other possible explanation ? Thanks James
  14. Excellent - that has it working now. <<If you want to register webapp instance as a "device" please check "Remember authorization settings on next login" and click "Save identifier".> This was the step I wasn't doing - I was thinking the save was saving against the user account - whereas in fact its saving in flashes equivalent of a cookie. I'm still not quite clear what the point of the option to not remember your settings as that didn't seem to do anything for me - but I'm happy now Many Thanks
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